I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? *23*

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Chapter 23


(Emelyne's P.O.V)

Life back in the States wasn't as boring as I'd thought after all. Yes, Canada had been quite fun and it had been nice to be alone with my fiancée. But being back also meant a new beginning, and I was kind of looking forward to that.

The attorney that Casey had hired for me was very thorough and descriptive when it came to Rebeka's will. Apparently the house she'd left behind was now abandoned since it wasn't passed down to anyone. Personally, I couldn't have cared less.

Casey's parents were wonderful people and they'd opened their doors wide for me and asked me to officially move in with them, especially since the wedding wasn't very far off now.

As for Rebeka's house, it was still abandoned. Casey was trying to get it under my name somehow because it was my childhood home and held many memories, but even I couldn't tell him that the memories he was so worried about were hurtful ones. Leaving that house had been the best thing I'd ever done, and I didn't regret a second of it.

Of course, having met Casey topped it all off, but I kept that to myself considering the size of his ego already. Any more compliments and he'd probably become the most arrogant guy.

He was also the sweetest, most caring guy, but then again, let's keep that to ourselves as well.

Currently, I was in the great room at Casey's parents' house, where a number of women were seated around. Each held a notebook and pen in their hands, attentive to what my future mother-in-law was telling them.

"The catering is also another matter which needs to be solved immediately, let's not forget that it must be Italian of course."

I smiled to myself while Melanie sat there giving orders, wondering how much more hectic the next few weeks were going to get. It had been decided that the wedding wouldn't be postponed after all, considering the council and how uptight they were.

And Melanie was willing to handle all the hard work involved in organizing the wedding, which left Casey and I with the minor details.

Overall, I couldn't have been any happier. I'd come to love this family as my own, and soon I would officially be a part of it. I also looked forward to learning some Italian from Melanie, who'd told me a little about their background and how important culture was to them.

I also had to get used to calling her "mom" within these next few weeks, since she'd clearly stated that she wouldn't have me calling her "Mrs. Luongo" anymore.

Suddenly the doors to the room opened and we all looked towards the entry. My smile widened when I saw Casey come in with a stack of boxes in his arms. Instantly, our eyes connected and I saw him nod towards his mother with a dry expression. Holding my laughter back, I realized everyone in the household was used to Melanie's "dominating" behaviour. Especially in situations like the wedding which was a few weeks away.

Casey put the boxes down near his mother and came over, I noticed all the chairs were taken already and stood up so he could have a seat. Normally, I would've sat still and watched him fidget in the corner with amusement, but having carried all those boxes must have been a chore since he seemed clearly exhausted.

Today, he was in a fitting white shirt that molded to his abdomen, showing off his all too perfect physique. Not to mention the low riding jeans he'd decided to dawn this morning, making him look much younger and cuter than I'd ever seen before. His ruffled hair was an added touch to his otherwise breath taking appearance.

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