Hey there :) My more popular stories are currently on hold, since I want them to be completed with the utmost dedication and not to be rushed chapter by chapter. Therefore, in the time being, I highly encourage everyone and anyone to check out my completed work as well as my poetry. :) 

Thank you for dropping by to check out my work, hopefully you'll like it! =)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to talk to me =)

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LuvErChiicK LuvErChiicK a year ago
Hey Everyone! So I'm assuming a sequel to "Friends with Benefits" is not something many of you are interested in... which brings me to my next question: Which story would you be more interested in br...
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The Star quarterback falls for the school Nerd! *SEQUEL* (COMPLETED)

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She's someone else's special someone (on hold)

She's someone else's special someone (on hold)

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Katie and Michael have it all. They trust each other, love each other, and have the perfect relationship...

I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? (on hold)

I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? (on hold)

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Friends With Benefits (COMPLETED)

Friends With Benefits (COMPLETED)

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Ever find yourself in a situation which causes your heart to break countless times? How about realizing...


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