I'm falling in love... and it's ARRANGED!?

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Chapter 1


(Emelyne's P.O.V)

I looked at the carvings in the desk, from all the hearts to the obscene language written everywhere. I ignored the insults, and focused on the lovey-dovey things people had taken time to carve into the desk. A part of me envied it all, the relationships, the make out sessions in the hallways, even the yelling at each other and screaming. I just envied love, period.

Sitting in class now, feeling bored to death, I couldn't come up with a single reason why I'd actually attended class. All I'd done in the past hour was put my head down on the desk and stare non-stop at the desk.

The bell's ring signaled the end of class, and I heard my self sigh with relief. Finally, it was lunch time.

I walked out of class, stopping to roll my eyes when some dude from my class shoved me aside to run out of class. No one even realized I was there at times. It pissed me off!

I took my sweet time walking to the cafeteria, after all, there wasn't a lot to look forward to. I thought about my existence on this planet as I walked.

Emelyne Sherwood, 16 year old girl with a mom who had a tendency of getting drunk, and a father she'd never seen since she was five.

Yupp, pretty awesome life I was leading!

I came out of my self pity when I hit something hard, almost falling back. Two strong hands clasped my shoulders, steadying me.

"Whoa! You alright?"

My senses took in the deep, masculine voice, and my heart beat fast and hard behind my chest. I recognized the voice, alright. A little too well. I'd known that voice since first grade, and I'd secretly loved the owner of that voice my entire life!

I looked up slowly, taking my time studying the godly face of Jeremy Burton. God, he was cute!

"I-I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking and I-" I was cut off with his smile as he shook his head and waved a hand in the air.

"Don't worry about it, I was just headin' to class. You gave me an excuse to stall a little." He winked and walked away, leaving me feeling as if I'd come back from a coma.

I stared after him, my mouth hanging open in an extremely embarrassing manner. Jeremy Burton! The same Jeremy who'd never in his life looked at me once, and he'd winked at me!?

Feeling kind of tipsy, I gathered my books and walked into the cafeteria, still numb with the shock of colliding with Jeremy. Sure, he wasn't the best guy. I mean, he'd had his issues in the past, not to mention the hundred something girlfriends he'd had since the fifth grade. But none of that mattered at that moment, as I unwrapped the sandwich I'd packed that morning.

I was in heaven. A heaven of my own, where Emelyne Sherwood wasn't just the nobody with a messed up life. Nope, I was in a heaven where Emelyne Sherwood was the girl in love.

(Casey's P.O.V)

I hated this. I absolutely, one hundred percent hated this.

What had my mother been thinking when she'd sent me here, in this small town that seemed to begin where it ended. And the house! God, it looked awful. Nothing like the mansion where the Luongos lived. And I didn't belong here.

Casey Luongo, I was Casey Luongo for heavens sake! I didn't want to be here, and I most definitely didn't want to marry some girl I'd never even met just so some pathetic accounts could be settled. What did they think I was, some kind of toy they could throw around.

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