I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? *24*

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Chapter 24


(Jeremy's P.O.V)

I sat down on the silk covered couch and almost laughed aloud at the absurdity of it all. Here I was, at the Luongo mansion, while the girl I was after stood standing stiff as a rod and her "fiancée" glared daggers at me though he tried to be "civil" at it.

Once again, I turned my grin into a thankful smile and accepted the glass Melanie Luongo offered me. She was hot for her age, now that much I couldn't lie about. No wonder Emelyne had changed her mind so fast; the looks seemed to run in the family.

I reminded myself once again that I was no less, girls all around the world would fall at my feet. The thought gave me some comfort, and I turned my gaze towards the tall, sturdy figure standing next to Emelyne.

"I hope you believe my reasons for being here, buddy. If the principal hadn't been worried about her, I wouldn't have come." I lied.

My voice did its usual smooth as honey mimic, the perfect imitation of a born to be charmer. No one could doubt my intentions as long as I kept a cool front and acted casual.

The parents definitely bought it.

"Oh, how can we thank you in return? I was starting to worry myself about Emelyne's education, what with the wedding so close and all..." Melanie Luongo said, turning to look at her husband and then back at me.

I smiled and shook my head, slowly rising to place the glass on a fancy oak table by the side. Almost instantly, a middle aged woman came in and took the glass from where I'd kept it, and I recognized her as the woman who'd greeted us at the door earlier.

The mansion wasn't just huge and well adorned; it also had an entire working staff on call. My mind started to work as I thanked the woman politely and shot a sidelong glance at Casey, who had still to speak a word. Surprisingly, Emelyne was the next one to speak.

"Will you be returning today?" she asked.

Her voice still held the same note of intimidation, but the otherwise noticeable fear was no longer there. Neither was the cowardly manner she'd walked around with before. For a moment I wanted to wring her neck, uncertain if I wanted to out of my jealousy or her newly acquired status.

Maybe the two went hand in hand...

"Of course he is." Said a rugged voice from the door.

Casey continued glaring at me while Melanie's eyes widened with shock and then anger, directed at her son's harshly spoken words. I tried not to smile when she smacked him in the arm and turned to look at me again.

"Forgive my son, he's had to lift a lot of weight today, his head seems to be elsewhere... Why don't you go freshen up, Jeremy, and I'll have someone prepare a room for you." Her even white teeth gleaming in a friendly manner, she slipped her arm into her husband's and exited the room, shooting one last glance at her son.

When they had gone, I turned my attention to Casey. If looks could kill...

The colour of his eyes was undistinguishable because of his anger, darkening to an intimidating shade of black. I saw his fist clench and then unclench while his other arm held on tightly to Emelyne.

I cocked an eyebrow and allowed myself the liberty to crack a smile, which as suspected, ignited Casey's anger anew.

"What game do you think you're playing?" he barked.

Before I could say a word in my defense, I was surprised by Emelyne's action. She turned to face her fiancée and for the first time I noticed the disapproving expression she wore, and shockingly, it was directed at Casey, not me.

"Why are you doing this, Casey? What's he done to you?" she asked, disentangling herself from his arm.

He pulled back, almost hurt, and this time I turned a little so my grin wouldn't be noticeable.

Gosh, this was getting interesting.

"His intentions aren't good, I knew it from the very beginning." He replied, looking at me from the corner of his eye.

Emelyne was the one who was truly angry now, placing an accusing hand on Casey's chest while staring him directly in the eye.

"This coming from the guy who hid the truth from me for days, making me a fool while silently enjoying the show the entire time..." her voice cracked under the emotion, and once again I was reminded of the weaknesses she carried.

A small part of my heart gave a tug, almost wanting to slap myself across the face. I didn't have to do this...

But just as fast as the thought had come, it went, bringing me back to the cold reality. I needed to do this, and if I wanted to get somewhere in life, this task was what mattered.

"A touching scene really, but I feel like an intruder... perhaps, if you could point me towards my room?" I asked, careful to add just the right amount of carefree attitude and smugness into my voice.

The result was perfect. Casey gave a frustrated sigh, almost like a growl, and pushed Emelyne's hand from his chest, swinging around and stomping through the door.

Emelyne's small figure watched him walk away in anger, and from my position behind her, I noticed the shivers starting. Before she decided to break down right where she was, I rushed past her and smiled at her once, avoiding her gaze.

When I was outside, I cursed myself for having to do this and marched on until a housekeeper came into view. She instantly recognized me and directed me to my room, reviewing the breakfast plans that she'd been instructed to do by her mistress.

I thanked her and told her to thank Melanie for me as well, shutting the bedroom door for some much needed privacy. Alone, I was finally able to take a deep breath and digest the situation.

I was in Casey's territory now, and if I didn't do this right, then before I knew it, I would be the one at a loss. I needed that football scholarship, and I needed to get to that college where it would lead me to. And eventually, I needed the luxuries that would come along...

But none of that would happen if I didn't prove to the one person that I could do something right, he'd put me up to this, now he was going to find out just how clever I could really be.

Before this week was over, Casey and his little sweetheart, Emelyne, would no longer be arranged to marry...


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