I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? *22*

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Chapter 22


(Casey's P.O.V)

Finally, we were back in the states and on land again. This also meant no more sitting within an inch of a beautiful girl whom I couldn't get enough of.

I watched her as she crinkled her nose in distaste behind the airport officer's back; I was glad she didn't pounce on him and demand an apology. Her actions always brought a smile to my face, whether they are hilarious or completely unnecessary.

Like what the officer had just done, he'd simply asked her to remove her shoes before passing through the detector, but nope, no one dare ask Emelyne to take off her shoes without a legitimate explanation first, otherwise she would react as she was doing now.

I walked over to her and tried my best to hide my amusement, though it was hard by the way she was glaring daggers at the officer.

I took my chances and gently tapped her on the back; she swirled around to face me with a deep frown.

"What!?" she snapped.

I mocked a hurt expression and took a step back, extending in arms out in surrender.

"Whoa, calm down your highness... the man only asked you to remove your shoes." I explained.

I should've thought twice before speaking however, because the second the words left my mouth she was in her worst position again. This time I was the one being stared daggers at, and believe me, it wasn't a pleasant sight.

Though I had to admit, she looked pretty darn cute when she was this angry.

I forced a smile and shrugged, which must have eased the atmosphere a little since she sighed and bent down to remove her shoes.

"You know, we can always just make a run for it." I whispered, hoping to lighten the mood further.

She looked up with narrowed eyes and her frown remained.

"Don't say things you don't mean to act on. Unless you're willing to make a run for it, don't suggest it!" she hurled at me.

I took another step back, bumping into the lady behind me. The lady happened to be quite old, and must have been tired and cranky, considering she took two seconds to grab her purse and whack it at me.

I jumped and rubbed the sore spot, my arm starting to ache. Damn, but that woman could hit! I didn't even bother to mutter an apology, turning instead to cast an accusing glance at my wonderful fiancée.

My mother was the one to catch my gaze though, and she didn't look too happy either.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked, defeated and frustrated.

Couldn't anyone be a little happy for once, why was everyone so darn sour all of a sudden?

"Both Emelyne and I are exhausted from the travel, as well as the other passengers who are standing behind us. We've had to wait in line for more than an hour, and now these rude officers practically command us to remove our clothing. Of course we're upset!" she said with the same intensity as Emelyne had earlier.

I rolled my eyes and moved closer so others wouldn't take part in our little conversation.

"Seriously, mom... it's not like they're telling us to get naked! For god's sake, it's our shoes!" This time I couldn't keep my voice down either.

It wasn't that I was angry or pissed as they all were, but honestly, they were just making this into a huge deal.

Emelyne had thankfully passed through the detector and made it safely back to her shoes again, god knew what she would've done without them for another five seconds!

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