I'm falling in love... and it's ARRANGED!? (*3*)

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Chapter 3

I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!?


(Emelyne's P.O.V)

The words came out so easily, as if I'd said them a hundred times. I was in killer pain, every part of my body hurt, and my head felt like it weighed a ton. I looked at the guy who'd saved my life, what ever had caused the accident, if it hadn't been for him I could've been dead.

He just looked at me, and I felt a little awkward. I'd just admitted to being in love with Jeremy, for the first time out loud, and to a guy who was acting strangely.

I cleared my throat, moving up into a sitting position. His hands were automatically supporting me, the warmth of his touch warming my skin. He adjusted the pillows and propped some on either side of me, making me much more comfortable. I smiled and thanked him, wondering why I a moment ago I was scared to death, freaked out about waking in a hospital. And now, I was smiling and thanking a stranger who looked like he'd been sleeping in the hospital the last few days.

"Does he feel the same?" his voice startled me, causing me to jump a little.

It was a beautiful voice, alright. But the question unsettled me, because I knew exactly what he was talking about. The truth was, I myself had no idea how Jeremy Burton felt about me. As far as I knew, he didn't even know me a few days ago!

But the sparkle in his eyes when I'd bumped into him, and the fact that he'd brought the entire foot ball team into the hospital to see if I was alright. It all pointed to one thing. Maybe he did notice me, and perhaps he'd always seen me when I secretly glanced his way.

I was brought out of my thoughts when a nurse walked in, her smile widening at the look of me.

"You're awake! Oh, that's great. You should have seen how worried this young man was!" she had a warm, comforting voice, and I liked her immediately. She wasn't the kind of bitchy nurses some hospitals had.

I smiled in return, but her words surprised me. Had he really been worried, I must have caused him a great deal of trouble.

After the nurse had checked up on me, and given me some instructions, she left and told me to rest until later. The "young man" in question gave me a small smile and squeezed my hand, I realized he was going to leave me so I could rest.

Before I knew what I was doing, I held on to his hand tightly, shaking my head. Unfortunately, I shook my head too fast, because the next thing I knew, I was falling into darkness.


(Casey's P.O.V)

I looked at her while she slept, feeling the fatigue come over me. I was extremely tired, having had no sleep since the accident. I managed to catch a few minutes every now and then, but when ever a nurse or doctor came in, I immediately woke up.

The girl was recovering pretty fast, she'd had a small faint a few hours ago, when she'd apparently worn herself out. But I knew better, she'd been holding onto me, telling me to stay when she'd blacked out.

I thought back to the moment, her hand had been cold, but soft. She'd held on with a surprising strength, and the fear in her eyes had weakened me inside. The doctors' had checked her since, and said a little sleep was all she needed.

I moved in and touched her cheek gently, feeling the tender softness. It felt kind of weird, since she was like a little sister. Well, the age of a little sister anyway. But something attracted me to her, maybe it was her innocence, or her trust in me. Or perhaps her hidden beauty.

I tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and sighed, wondering how much deep shit I was going to be in when mother found out. Not only had I almost killed someone, but my future intended bride was waiting for me, while I was in a hospital.

I pulled my cell out and dialed the Sherwood's number, praying she'd pick up, I had no desire to talk to that drunk mother of hers.

My luck sucked, the lazy drawl on the other end was enough to let me know the mother had picked up.

"May I please talk to Emelyne?" I asked politely, though I didn't want to.

"What d'you mean, talk to her! That bitch hasn't come home since I saw you, I swear I'll wring her neck the second she steps through that door-" I had to move the phone away from my ear, that woman could yell!

I hung up before I had to hear anymore. I was stuck here, while my so called "bride" was off somewhere with some other guy. Or so her mother thought.

I took a deep breath, feeling pathetic. Just when I'd thought it couldn't get any worse, I'd ran over a girl and my fiance had ran off with someone else. Just great! My life was on a roll, wasn't it!?

I slumped back into the chair next to the bed, and ran a hand through my hair, feeling the bristle on my cheek. I needed a shave! Desperately!

I was about to head out to find a washroom when the doctor came in, his check board in hand. I watched him check a couple of things off and examine the monitors surrounding the girl. Then with a nod, he came over and handed me his pen.

"Just sign there. You can take her home tomorrow morning, whenever you're ready. She's fine." he waited until I'd signed, then gave me some last minute instructions and left.

I turned and looked at the girl, confused. She was a complete stranger. Her family must be worried sick. I had no idea who she was, or what her name was. She could be reported missing by now!

Deciding to let her rest, I went for my shave. I'd ask her about all that tomorrow. And I'd get back to other things tomorrow as well, my fiance was missing too!


(Emelyne's P.O.V)

I woke feeling much better. I was still a bit sore, but I had more energy. I wanted to get up, and walk. But first, I looked around the room for Mr.Stranger. I really needed to ask him his name, he couldn't be a stranger forever, could he!?

Just then he walked in, and I was quite stunned. His appearance was breathtaking. I noticed him for the first time, all of his 6 foot 3 inches of handsomeness. His physique was impressive too, and I noticed how even Jeremy didn't have such a body.

His grin told me he'd noticed me staring, and I felt my cheeks heat up. Covering my embarrassment with a cough, I reached over the side table for some water.

He was there in a second, getting it for me. I was amazed by how generous he was being.

"Who are you?" I asked, not able to stop myself.

He looked surprised, then laughed.

"I was hoping to ask the same." he replied, sitting down next to me.

I realized he was right, I was just as much as a stranger to him than he was to me.

"I asked you first!" I teased, sitting up so he could tell me.

He chuckled and playfully poked the tip of my nose, a gesture that surprised me, while making me feel funny inside at the same time. I ignored the feeling, waiting for him to continue.

"I'm Casey Luongo, I just came to this town, so I'm new. Now, I asked you second!" he teased back.

I took a deep breath, knowing I'd just found a true friend in this Casey Luongo.

"Emelyne. I'm Emelyne Sherwood."


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