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Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest brother by LivingTheDeadLife
Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest Jamzino
Book 1 Rio Salvatore. The eldest Salvatore brother, turned at 25 years of age. He, unlike his brothers, never fell for Katherine's mind games. She resented him for this...
  • werewolf
  • klaus
  • elijah
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Rhopalocera {k.m} {tvd} by zoe_youle
Rhopalocera {k.m} {tvd}by Zoe Danielle Johnson-Youle
To come out of your cacoon. __________ Lucille Gilbert is Elena Gilbert's twin sister. When her parents die, she doesn't do quite as well as her siblings and leaves Myst...
  • salvatore
  • pregnant
  • bonnie
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The Other Gilbert by Stormi_faithhope
The Other Gilbertby Faith_Hope
Allison Gilbert had a semi perfect life with her parents and sister, Elena Gilbert, and their younger brother, Jeremy Gilbert. She was the straight A's and B's student a...
  • marked
  • hunter
  • control
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FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots) by ___Mystic___
FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots)by | M y s t i c |
Critics Say: "Loved it!!" - @thenamesbella01 "ITS GREAT!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! I really like the kid ones" - @Emmie11_thefragmetn "SO CUTE 😍...
  • fnaffanfiction
  • nightguardsxreader
  • wattys2017
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Isabella Mikaelson(Completed)#Wattys2018 by andrea100202
Isabella Mikaelson(Completed) andrea100202
Have you ever heard of Isabella Swan? The petty little human? Well you see... that girl truly doesn't exist. It was just a manipulation for Isabella Swan(AKA Isabella Mi...
  • elena
  • finn
  • vampire
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I'm Only Human [The Vampire Diaries] by kay_gwilym
I'm Only Human [The Vampire Kay ❤️
Even as a kid, Peter never felt like he truly belonged. Not with his younger brother, Jeremy and definitely not with his twin sister, Elena. But everything changed the m...
  • jeremy
  • lockwood
  • caroline
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The Vampire Diaries Preferences & Imagines by Gerlithequeen
The Vampire Diaries Gerli
Damon Stefan Klaus Kol Elijah Jeremy Kai I don't own TVD or the pics i'll put in
  • elijah
  • kai
  • kol
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Little Darling (Kol Mikaelson) by Rose_Rose201
Little Darling (Kol Mikaelson)by Olivia Rose Wall
In which Elena's sister comes back to hell.... aka mystic falls and falls for the devils little brother. I was walking along the busy streets of new York when my phone...
  • vampire
  • love
  • drama
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Energy Rises (Squip X Jeremy) by MandADottie14
Energy Rises (Squip X Jeremy)by Dottie
Energy is all I need, Jeremy. 💙THE ONLY BOOK IN THE Energy Rises series💚 SORRY
  • squipxjeremy
  • jeremyheere
  • bemorechill
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Reinvented [2] ~ TVD/TW by that_one_writer_chik
Reinvented [2] ~ TVD/TWby that_one_writer_chik
Mackenzie has finally gotten her life together and she's happy in Beacon Hills. But the life she had in Mystic Falls still takes its toll on her. Will she be able to con...
  • mia
  • jeremy
  • wattys2018
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(Yandere)FNAF ANIMATRONICS/ AlishaDaWolf
You can request anything, just make sure to read the rules first :). I have known FNAF for many years, but I suddenly gained interested in it and learned more about the...
  • fnaf
  • mangle
  • freddy
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A New Life [1] ~ TVD/TW by that_one_writer_chik
A New Life [1] ~ TVD/TWby that_one_writer_chik
After Mia loses her family, she decides it's time for her to move on with her life and start over somewhere new. So she leaves Mystic Falls, Virginia and moves to Beacon...
  • mia
  • erica
  • tvd
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Vampire diaries boys imagines by lonewolfstilinski
Vampire diaries boys imaginesby sTiLeS sTiLiNsKi
Elijah Damon Stefan Tyler Matt Jeremy Kol Klaus Alaric Kai Enzo
  • alaricsaltzman
  • kai
  • vampirediaries
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The Original Queen. (Klaus Mikaelson Fanfiction) by Smileygal05001
The Original Queen. (Klaus Y
Highest rank #10 in fanfiction. Talia, Elena's younger half-sister, is the daughter of Alaric and Isobel who had to abandon her to protect her from the supernatural, ju...
  • elijah
  • klaus
  • wattys2018
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Creepypasta and fnaf one-shots by foxsouls
Creepypasta and fnaf one-shotsby Laurkyn
Will do any animatronics or security guards, or any creepypastas TAKING REQUESTS (if I dont know the creepypasta you ask me to make, I'm sorry <•< I know almost al...
  • one-shots
  • toby
  • romance
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Shawn Mendes Imagines  by baaadreputation
Shawn Mendes Imagines by baaadreputation
Imagines on the one and only Shawn Mendes, hope you like them :) (Requests are open/editing)
  • shawnmendes
  • imagines
  • nosmut
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A Surreptitious Relationship by JordanLynde
A Surreptitious Relationshipby Jordan Lynde
Chris and Holly's relationship is finally perfect. With no gangs to harass them, the only thing they have to worry about it keeping their relationship a secret from the...
  • gangster
  • teenfiction
  • jeremy
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Running [1] ~ Supernatural / The Vampire Diaries by that_one_writer_chik
Running [1] ~ Supernatural / The that_one_writer_chik
After her parents death, Nycole left her hometown. She couldn't handle her everyday life anymore and decided that she needed some change. She wasn't prepared for the cha...
  • sisters
  • tyler
  • demon
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Black veil brides preference by hgage123
Black veil brides preferenceby Hannah
I think that name says it all, some are mine and some are from the internet. hope you enjoy. i do take requests if you have an idea for anything.
  • jeremy
  • black
  • bvb
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Up // Boyf riends and TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by myshortinfinity
Up // Boyf riends and TreeBros ·· FandΔbidosey
Sequel to Down // Treebros ·· Soulmates AU Michael Mell was adopted by two amazing, eccentric Dads at age 5. At age 7 he met a boy named Jeremy Heere. By age 10 he fell...
  • treebros
  • mell
  • murphy
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