I'm Falling In Love... and It's ARRANGED!? (*10*)

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Chapter 10


(Casey's P.O.V)

I shook Hugh Perry's hand and watched him leave, though I wanted to wring his neck more than anything else.

Because of him, my family had suffered for years. Everything around us, our house, our cars, even our clothes, practically belonged to him.

All because of some stupid ancestor, who had signed it over in some odd agreement. The agreement demanded we all marry when we're told to, and that it should be arranged.

I sighed as I walked back to the sitting room, where both my parents sat huddled together, waiting to interrogate me obviously.

I sat in the seat across from them, exhausted from all the earlier events.

"Is she okay?" I asked.

Mom was the first to speak. She leaned forward and looked at me.

"Of course, she's asleep at the moment. We've put her in the guest quarters."

I nodded and ran a hand over my face. When I'd proposed earlier, I'd accepted a refusal. And that would've been okay. But when she'd agreed, it had shocked me. I'd been so happy for a second. It had felt as if all the problems would have a solution.

But that was until I'd made a complete fool of myself by getting down on my knees and promising to care for and protect her. She'd just smiled with amusement and said it was all going to be temporary.

That had hurt.

I shook my head to forget everything that had already happened. I had other things to worry about now.

Like the fact that my fiancée kept fainting on me every time I turned around. Either she had a health problem, or she was just not taking it all in right.

I stood to go check on her and get some sleep myself.

My father's voice stopped me.

"Casey. You have to go easy on her. It's not supposed to be as easy as it was for us." He kissed mom's cheek.

I realized he had a point. As I walked up the stairs, I remembered the stories mom had told me. How my dad had acted as if he'd hated mom at the beginning, just so the council could believe the marriage was indeed arranged.

But they were also the cause for why things were as they were now. Because of the way they'd deceived the council, Hugh Perry was going to take it out on me, their son.

I pushed open the door to the guest room slowly, making sure I was quiet.

She lay on the bed, breathing softly. I moved closer and looked down at her.

She was truly beautiful. Why wouldn't a guy like Jeremy ever notice? She was better than any cheerleader I'd ever seen!

Her eyes fluttered a little and I realized my hand was touching hers, and she was slowly waking up. I looked at the door and then back at her. Not sure if I should go.

Her eyes opened and met mine, and she smiled. The smile almost made me fall on my knees again, she had that power over me.

I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, and turned to go.

"Don't" she whispered.

I turned around, looking at her questioningly.

"Stay for a while, please." She said quietly.

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