chapter 27

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Chapter 27

*Casey’s POV*

I held onto Emelyne’s hand while I watched her sleep. Just an hour ago, she had gained consciousness and had been throwing one question after another at me. Fortunately, her exhaustion caught up to her and she’d managed to drift off to sleep. I felt relief wash over me yet again.

She was going to be all right. The thought brought an involuntary smile to my face; though there was bad news that had come with it, the fact that Emelyne was out of any immediate danger made me extremely grateful.

The doctor had been very descriptive and thorough with his explanation about anemia, and the consequences that came along with it. Emelyne’s problem with her blood platelets had caused her to excessively bleed from the cut she’d somehow gotten on her foot.

Jeremy had confessed to the broken glass and its cause, but I’d let him off the hook. There was no use blaming him for something he had no knowledge of in the first place. Heck, I doubted that even Emelyne knew of her anemia.

A sudden grunt brought me out of my reverie and back to the sleeping figure in front of me, who at this point was stretching her limbs and frowning as she did so.

I smiled yet again, moving in close to give her a gentle peck on the cheek.

This made her open her eyes wide and stare at me in dazed confusion, which quickly subsided to realization and a smile directed my way.

“How long was I out for?” she asked.

I feigned a yawn and looked towards the clock.

“About six hours or so”, I lied.

For a second she looked as if she believed me, but then the truth made itself apparent in her expression.

“As if you would’ve let me simply go on sleeping for six hours, yeah right.”

The dry tone in her voice made me laugh, giving myself away.

“What can I say, sweetheart. You know me too well.” I replied, leaning in for a kiss.

The light atmosphere quickly changed as reality slowly returned and with it came the matter at hand. Emelyne obviously remembered every single second of what had happened prior to her blacking out. As I watched, her hand crept down to where her ankle was wrapped tightly, the entire bottom half of her foot bandaged.

“It doesn’t hurt or anything… I’m still confused about what caused me to pass out like that”.

I didn’t know where to start with the explanation. Instead of giving her the medical details, I was trying to break it to her in a subtle manner.

“Emelyne, growing up, did you ever bleed excessively from a cut or minor injury?” I asked.

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