I'm Falling In Love... and It's ARRANGED!? (*8*)

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chapter 8


(Melanie's P.O.V)

Where the hell was that boy!?

I looked at the clock again, wondering what could possibly be taking him so long.

He'd promised to grab the girl from school and bring her over immediately. There wasn't much time left. The council didn't like to wait.

Someone cleared their throat behind me, causing me to turn. Just the person I'd feared, and now he was here as well.

"Mrs. Luongo." he greeted, his voice stern.

I forced a smile and shook his hand, not really wanting to.

"Mr. Perry." I greeted back.

He was the head of the council. Ever since I'd been a little girl, he'd been a part of the council. Back then, he'd been the creepy man who never spoke much. Now he was the same, only creepier and much older.

I feared for my son. If only he got his lazy ass here fast enough!

I led Mr.Perry to the conference room and found my way back to the sitting area, where I continued worrying over my idiot of a son who was late.

A hand touched my shoulder and I quickly jumped.

"Easy, It's just me."

I smiled up at Doug, feeling instantly calmer. He had that effect on me.

"Thank god you're here! I was falling apart." I explained, a little out of breath.

He wrapped his arms around me, gently rocking me.

"What else are husbands for." he teased, bringing a genuine smile on my face for the first time that day.

We broke apart at the sound of a car coming closer, and both looked out the window to see who'd arrived.

I sighed in relief when I recognized our son's car. I rushed to the door and flung it open, waiting for him to explain himself. Though deep down, I secretly wanted to see the girl as well.

Doug stood next to me, his arm around me.

"Honey, promise me you'll be nice." he whispered, staring straight ahead.

I looked at him and realized he was actually worried about how I'd act with the girl, which surprised me. I knew I could get a little annoying at times, but I'd never "not" be nice to my future daughter in law.

I didn't have time to promise anything however, because my son was walking towards me, only there was something off key about it.

He was supporting the girl as if she was having a hard time walking.

At a closer look, I realized she was partly unconscious.

Doug seemed to realize as well, and he ran to help. I followed him as well, wondering if the day could get any worse.

"Casey! What happened?" I asked breathlessly, putting an arm around the girl.

She was groaning, but her eyes were shut. Doug felt her head and asked her a few questions, to which she simply nodded or shook her head.

Then, surprising us both, Casey lifted her into his arms and carried her inside the house.

He lay the girl down on the couch and I brought him a glass of water.

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