I'm Falling In Love... and It's ARRANGED!? (*15*)

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Chapter 15


(Emelyne's P.O.V)

I leaned back to view my hard work, immensely pleased by the outcome. I looked around and realized the mess I'd created in the process.

Cooking had always been one of my hobbies, and at a lonely time like now it seemed like the only option. It was my birthday and I needed something to do, so why not cook?

I'd already baked a batch of cookies and put the cake in the oven, it was almost six, which meant Casey would be home soon.

I stopped and thought how domestic everything felt at the moment, almost like we were already married. Shaking my head, I got back to work.

There was no use thinking about foolish things, I knew the marriage was just a sham, and as long as I kept reminding myself everything would be okay.

I started the cleaning process and by 6:30 I had the kitchen spotless again, it actually looked better than it had before. It was one of those high tech kitchens you see on TV, but then again... the entire apartment was like that.

It annoyed me a little, but I had no right to complain. Casey was already being generous enough by letting me live here, there was no way I was going to rearrange anything. Even though I really wanted to.

I was putting the final touches on the cake when the door bell rang. My heart fell for a second at the thought of Casey standing on the other side, that seemed to happen often.

This morning, when we'd gone for a walk, I'd seen a different side to Casey. It had helped me make my decision. And I was going to tell Casey all about it later today.

I walked over and opened the door, and the sight before me was not what I'd expected.

"Ms. Sherwood, I was told to inform you about dinner plans tonight. Mr. Luongo will meet you downstairs at seven thirty." The employee said.

I frowned at the man, his uniform and stiff posture upsetting me further. Couldn't Casey have at least told me himself? I was in no mood to go out tonight, he should know. Especially to some fancy hotel where he'd made "dinner plans."

I nodded anyway and closed the door, disappointed and miserable all of a sudden. The recent excitement was gone, and I put the cake into the refrigerator. I didn't even know where I was supposed to keep it!

I sighed and walked into my room and looked for something appropriate to wear. I had nothing fancy to wear! And Casey knew that! My anger increasing, I stomped into the washroom and took a quick shower.

I ended up putting on a denim skirt that fell to the knees, nothing slutty or short; I just wasn't comfortable in stuff like that.

I paired it with a black hoodie and put my hair in a pony tail.

When I looked at my reflection I knew Casey would be disappointed. After all, he'd probably made reservations at an expensive place... but that was kind of the reason I was rebelling.

If I dressed informal and comfortably like this, maybe he'd get the message.

I felt guilty when I stepped out of the apartment and for a second even thought about going back in and changing, but I decided against it and went down.

In the lobby there was a crowd, I looked around at the people, mostly my age, add or take a year. They were all dressed casually, guys in jeans and girls in sweats. I frowned, wondering if there was a camping trip or something. I hadn't expected these people to live in an apartment like this.

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