I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? *19*

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Chapter 19


(Casey's P.O.V)

Dinner was going surprisingly well, considering my mom hadn't shut up for a second since we'd sat down. The restaurant was especially crowded tonight, so my mother's chatter wasn't quite embarrassing.

I kind of liked having her here too, though it felt weird to admit it. She'd always been overprotective of me, at first I'd thought it was because I was an only child, but it had never let up to this day.

When I'd moved to Canada to take over the company, she'd fought with dad for weeks trying to stop me, but as usual he'd helped her see the sensible side of the situation.

And what mattered was that she was my mother, and at the end of the day she deserved the right to be herself. She'd raised me into the guy I was today, and I should be thankful for that.

Emelyne laughed at something mom said and I couldn't help but smile, her laugh was always contagious like that. But my smile turned into a frown when I heard what the topic was.

"And then there was this one time, when he found my makeup and decided to experiment with it... he had lipstick on his eyelids and mascara on his cheeks!" my mother even demonstrated exactly where I'd applied the stuff, and Emelyne burst out laughing.

I wanted the ground to swallow me; embarrassment washed over me as my mother leaned over and pinched my cheek.

A lady sitting on the table beside ours saw the scene and tried to hide her amusement, but she was too late, and soon others noticed too.

"I was only 2 years old at the time!" I whispered, though I felt myself blush.

Emelyne's eyes softened and her hand came to rest on my leg, sending little shivers all over my body.

Suddenly my mom embarrassing me didn't matter much, as long as Emelyne enjoyed the childhood stories.

"Oh, and you probably don't know this either, but when he was around 5, he came to me and asked me where babies come from." My mother continued with excitement in her eyes.

Emelyne leaned over the table so she could hear the rest of the story, and once again I wished I was somewhere else, I knew where this story was going.

"What did you tell him?" Emelyne asked my mom.

"I told him when someone really wants a baby, they stand under a wide open field and pray for one, and then it falls from the sky right into their arms." She replied, chuckling at my expression.

Emelyne turned and looked at me, her eyes full of amusement.

"And you believed her!?" she asked, nudging my arm playfully.

I swallowed hard, knowing my mom was the one who would answer that question.

"Believed me!? He actually went out into the backyard and extended his arms out towards the sky... when I asked him what he was doing he told me he was praying for a baby!" and then both mom and Emelyne started laughing... really hard.

A waiter stopped and glanced towards our table, and then he started smiling too. I guess that's what happens when you see the two of them laughing.

Even I was smiling; though you'd think after a story like that it would be impossible.

If my pride didn't matter that much to me, I would've covered my face and ran as far away as possible, but instead I sat there and sucked it all up.

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