I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? *20*

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Chapter 20


(Jeremy's P.O.V)

I waited patiently in the office while the secretary talked to someone on the phone. I'd been called down a few minutes ago and had been told to see the principal.

This could be regarding anything, but I had a feeling this was about Emelyne Sherwood.

Little Miss. Sherwood hadn't been attending any of her classes recently, and somehow I could be put to blame for that.

After the note and present I'd left her, she'd reacted rather surprisingly. Instead of showering me with her love, she'd simply disappeared.

I smiled at the memory, having gone all the way to her house and leaving the note for her. Only, my smile wasn't as sincere as you'd expect.

I admit it, maybe my feelings for Emelyne were never genuine, but who knows... maybe eventually I would've grown to like her a little.

If she'd tried...

But no, instead she'd just gone off somewhere. And hadn't shown up to school since.

The note and gift were supposed to show her how much I liked her, and they were also supposed to ensure a beginning to a whole new chapter.

A chapter in my life which hadn't even begun, because of Emelyne disappearing.

How could I put my plan into action if my main player was missing?

The secretary was standing before me all of a sudden, gesturing towards the principal's office.

I gave her my charming grin and followed her directions.

The principal was an old, grumpy man who should've retired years ago. He told me to have a seat and sat down himself.

"Mr. Burton, how is school coming along for you?" he asked.

I leaned back in the chair and crossed my arms.

"Perfectly well, sir." I replied.

He nodded and opened something up on his computer, I couldn't see the screen, but I was getting curious.

"You've spoken to Emelyne Sherwood recently, Jeremy?" he asked, casting me a glance.

I'd known this was coming, especially since shy and awkward Emelyne had no other "friends" than me. With her mother's death, and her disappearance, it was only obvious they'd come to me.

"I might have." I drawled, knowing what technique was needed.

As I'd guessed, the principal didn't like my attitude at all. His frown was evidence of that. He leaned closer in his chair and almost narrowed his eyes at me. I had to keep myself from bursting out in laughter.

Did he really think his overbearing method was going to work on me!?

"I hope you realize that this is no small matter, Jeremy Burton. The school staff is deeply concerned about Miss. Sherwood's sudden disappearance. Her attendance went from excellent to almost non-existent." He said.

I tried to show some interest, even going as far as putting up a concerned expression.

"Is she alright?" I asked.

"I thought you could help us with that. She wasn't very... known, in the school. Reports tell us her only acquaintance at school was you. She used to talk to you every now and then, didn't she?"

I nodded, but my mind was somewhere else. Emelyne Sherwood may not have been the most popular girl at school, but she had the means to be.

My P.I. had been hard at work these past few weeks. And from what she'd discovered, Miss. Emelyne Sherwood could become very, very popular.

Why, she was about to become Mrs. Emelyne Luongo...

And my job in all of this was making sure that never happened.

I got up from the uncomfortable chair and looked down at the principal's surprised face. I guess he wasn't used to kids getting up while he was in between giving them a lecture.

"I'll have to talk to you another day, sir. I'm not really feeling well." I lied.

The principal hesitated before walking me out of the office, offering to call home. I just told him I needed to get some fresh air.

On my way out of the school building, I thought back to what the P.I. had told me. She was starting to become a pain in the ass too. Her suspicious side was getting annoying.

There was no need for her to know exactly why I needed to have Emelyne's history looked at, or have that Casey Luongo guy followed.

All that mattered was that I'd had my own suspicions upon meeting Casey Luongo, and those suspicions had turned out to be true.

Emelyne wasn't going to come between me getting where I needed to be.

The P.I. had to focus on her work, not on my reasons for doing all of this. As long as I paid her the ridiculously high price she was asking for, she needed to do her damn work!

I whipped out my cell and dialed her number, making sure no one was nearby. After eight dial tones and no answer, I gave up.

If she was going to back out now, then I had to do this on my own.


A/N: So I know this chapter was really short! Even though I promised to upload a long one. And I hate myself for doing this but it was important to get Jeremy's whereabouts out there as well.... and I couldn't do that unless I uploaded a chapter focused solely on him.

P.S. It's kind of confusing, if you have questions, please feel free to ask. But if you read it slowly you might just understand what's going on, I tried not to leave any cliff hangers =P !

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