I'm Falling In Love... and It's ARRANGED!? (*12*)

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Chapter 12


(Casey's P.O.V)

My back hurt, I had an intense headache, and my soon-to-be wife had run off on me... life was just perfect!

I moaned for the hundredth time as I looked around the terminal, searching for any sign of Emelyne. She was nowhere in sight.

I'd gone to the restroom for one minute and come back to find her gone, as if sitting on a plane for hours hadn't been hard enough!

We had reached Canada on time, just as everything had been planned. I should have been on my way to my cozy flat by now... instead, I was tired as hell and looking for a missing Emelyne.

Some guy had already took our luggage and sent it home, which made things a little easier, now all I had to do was find my bride.

I walked down the long terminal and searched through the crowd of people swarming around, a few minutes later I saw a book store and crossed my fingers.

Luck must have been with me because I found her there, looking through some magazines. She was so caught up in whatever she was reading and looked so darn cute that I didn't have the heart to scold her.

She must have sensed me standing there and turned around, putting the magazine back and smiling.

"Is it time to go?" she asked casually, as if I hadn't just spent the last half hour looking for her all over the airport.

At least she seemed calmer and more relaxed now.

"Yupp." I said excitedly, wrapping an arm around hers and leading her to where a car waited for us.

The drive was comfortable and Emelyne eagerly looked out the window the entire time, pointing at a number of different things.

We'd landed at The Pearson international Airport, Toronto. My business was based in Toronto and this is where I usually was if not at home with mom and dad. I basically had another life here, a home.

And I wanted Emelyne to be a part of that.

"Whoa! What's that?" she asked, angling her head side ways to get a proper view.

I followed her gaze and smiled, amused by her sudden fascination.

"That's the C.N Tower; it's the tallest free standing structure in the world." I explained.

She nodded and looked around, we were in the down town area now, where most of the public was. There were people everywhere and many different things to see.

I pointed out the Royal Ontario Museum, Air Canada Centre, Much Music headquarters, Sky dome, and even showed her where the ferry was. I promised to take her on the ferry to centre island when the weather was nicer.

By the time we reached home, she was clearly impressed.

"I have to admit, I never knew Canada was something to see." She said.

I laughed and opened the door for her, offering her my hand to assist her.

"Emelyne, this is only one tiny part of Canada. There's still much more to see..." I replied.

She faked an exaggerated wide eyed look of disbelief causing me to burst out in laughter, and I realized I'd never laughed as much as I did when I was with her.

It was then that Emelyne finally registered her surroundings and saw the building looming over us, the one I lived in.

"Oh my god, where are we!?" she asked in awe.

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