I'm Falling In Love ... and It's ARRANGED!? *25*

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Chapter 25


(Casey’s P.O.V)

I heard the distant sound of footsteps and realized my fists were still clenched. Loosening them, I turned to face the mirror on the wall. Were my looks no match to his? Or was it the lack of bulkiness. Feeling a little ridiculous, I found myself flexing my arms and focusing on the movement of muscle beneath my taut skin.

I worked out, ate right, and had a healthy lifestyle. My body was something I was comfortable with… or at least, I had been. This new character’s appearance however, brought a sense of unease.

Here I was, criticizing myself and my body, comparing it to that-that beast. He was nothing but an immature idiot who was up to something foolish, probably thinking I was too stupid to see through him.

I’d seen the way his eyes sought out Emelyne. And it wasn’t a very pretty picture. In fact, if I found the jackass even looking her way again, I wasn’t sure if I could trust myself. The last thing I wanted was to upset Emelyne again.  She’d shown me a new side to her earlier, when I’d lashed out at that idiot in front of her.

Was there more to this then I’d thought. Was there some romantic link of sorts between the two that I didn’t know about?

I mentally smacked myself for thinking about anything such, trusting Emelyne to not keep anything so important from me.

Her words came back to me, perhaps she’d been right. I had kept stuff from her that she’d had the right to know about. So I didn’t really have the right to accuse the heathen Jeremy for such things.

The door behind me opened and I turned around to see Emelyne gently close the door and face me. My heart beat accelerated like it always did, seeing her. I noticed a change in her expression, and realized she looked almost… apologetic?

I leaned closer and pulled her gently by the arm, bringing her towards the bed and placing her on my lap. She snuggled closer and for some reason a load seemed to lift off of my chest, bringing forth a sense of renewed completion which I’d seemed to have lost there for a few hours.

“I’m so sorry Casey, I don’t know what happened to me back there.” She whispered.

I shut my eyes for a second and took a deep breath, starting to get an idea of what she was apologizing for.

“It’s just that-he was there, suddenly, and it’s been a while, and, I just didn’t know what to think,and-“ I cut her off by placing a finger on her lips.

“And you’ve got nothing to explain. I’m not asking you to. When and If you feel that it’s important for me to know, you can go into the details… but for now, just relax. Everything’s alright.” I whispered back, smiling to make sure she knew how much I meant it.

Within the next few seconds I was ambushed and thrown back onto the bed, jumped on, and sprinkled with kisses. I laughed and felt the tickles that were caused by her searching fingers.

Flipping her over and pinning her beneath me, it was my turn to give her sweet agony. So I placed my mouth over hers and kissed her with all the love that I was feeling at that very moment.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and seemed to relax immediately, and when I felt her sigh, I let go of the tight hold on her and leaned slightly back to look down at her.

“You’re beautiful. I hope you know how much you torture me by being this close to me.”

What caused me to blurt such nonsense out, I didn’t know. But I saw the hint of sudden nervousness in her eyes and somewhere beneath that… insecurity. Mentally smacking myself yet once again, I raked back my hair in frustration and cursed myself for screwing up another perfect moment.

I should’ve known my comment would make her insecure, Emelyne was too fragile. Not like the sort of impulsive, care-free personalities I’d dated in the past. This was my fiancée, a very special lady, and the girl that I was madly in love with.

“Emelyne, I didn’t mean-“ this time I was the one who was cut off.


A single word, yet said with stern authority and with enough conviction to shut me up. I was starting to get worried when she smiled softly and placed a hand on my jaw.

“I’m glad I make you feel the way that I do. It really does make me feel…. Beautiful.” She whispered, now openly grinning.

I found myself grinning back, happy and relieved that I hadn’t given her the wrong idea.

“After all, it’s not like we haven’t slept together before” she said dryly.

I arched an eyebrow, wondering where she was getting at. And a little confused by her statement.

“That night, at your apartment. I remember cuddling together on the couch, and then falling asleep.” She explained.

It made sense now, but I still wasn’t sure where she was headed with this.

“What are you suggesting Emelyne?” I asked with a hint of suspicion.

Her arms tightened around me, pulling me down closer to her. Nearly a breath away from one another, she looked straight into my eyes.

“I’m suggesting we make love right this very second, or else I might just go mad.”


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