I'm falling in love... and it's ARRANGED!? (*2*)

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chapter 2



(Casey's P.O.V)

Nurses were everywhere, notepads in hand, walking from one room to another. There were at least a hundred people sitting in the waiting room, and plenty of left over seats, but I couldn't sit. Every time I sat, I'd get the urge to pace again.

So here I was, pacing from one end of the hospital hallway to the other. My heart was beating hard against my chest, and I felt a little dizzy.

I could've killed her! Who knew, she could be fighting for her life this very moment!

No nurse or doctor could tell me what was going on behind the doors, or even if she was going to be okay. They'd just look at me as if I was an annoyance and walk away. I'd had the urge to slap two of em' already, and controlled myself yet once again as a doctor simply walked by while I tried to talk to him.

Finally, after what felt like a century, the doors opened and a nurse came out holding some medical equipment. I ran over to her and she looked up, she was the one who'd admitted the girl when I'd brought her earlier.

"She's alright." she answered my unasked question. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, relief washing over me.

"However, she's had a minor concussion. We have to supervise her a couple of days to see if she's going to be alright." the nurse continued, reading something she held in her hand. She was checking things off while she spoke.

"She'll also need some assurance, you seem to be the right person for that. Sometimes concussions can lead to temporary loss of past events, she'll need you to keep her relaxed and calm. Just let her know you'll be there and everything will be fine." She seemed to check the last thing on her paperwork and looked up once again, giving me an encouraging smile.

"Just be there. She'll need it." and with that she walked away like the others had, but it wasn't anger that came over me this time. I appreciated the information she'd given me, and planned on doing just what she'd said.

There was only one problem, the girl with he concussion had no idea who I was. She would probably want family nearby, not the guy who'd hit her with his car.

Guilt made me enter her room an hour and a half later, when I was finally allowed to see her. Everyone seemed to think I was her boyfriend or something, they'd all told me to support her and love her through this hard time. I hadn't corrected them, since being a boyfriend seemed better than someone who ran her over with a car!

She was asleep as I pulled a chair to sit down, she had random pipes stuck to her hands and body. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it'd be. I mean, there was no oxygen mask or anything. Just a bandage around her head that allowed me to see her face properly.

She was a pretty girl, definitely young. Probably 14 or 15 years old. I felt sick to my stomach once again. Had I almost killed a 14 year old!? Swallowing a lump in my throat, I covered her hand with mine and squeezed gently.

It had meant to be an apologetic gesture, nothing more, but the simple touch brought many emotions to surface inside me. I removed my hand and leaned back in the chair.

Just then, someone walked in. Many someones, in fact. They were from high school, since they all wore jerseys. It dawned on me that the entire football team had come. The small room filled within seconds, and large bodies took up every little space.

The second I stood, i regretted it. I felt squeezed in between all the jocks.

"Is she alright?" One of them, probably the biggest, asked me.

I looked at him, he looked fairly concerned. Could he be her boyfriend? The thought unsettled me.

"Um, yeah. She's fine. They gotta keep her a few days, though." I explained.

He nodded and looked around the room, then told the other guys to leave. The room got back it's oxygen and I was finally able to breathe again.

"Sorry bout' that. They all wanted to come along." He apologized.

I shrugged and sat back down, looking at the girl again.

"So, you two know each other?" I asked after some time.

The guy looked confused, then shook his head.

"Not really, just seen her at school a few times. We saw the accident and wanted to see how bad it was." he leaned closer to the girl, and looked at her face closely.

"I'm surprised she's okay. That accident looked harsh." he turned to look at me.

I wanted to ask him what the hell he was doing here if he didn't even know her, but felt kind of like a hypocrite.

"Yea, I should've been watching." I mumbled, feeling uncomfortable.

He seemed to get the message, and started walking towards the door.

"Well, glad she'll live. Wouldn't wanna lose another Hawks' fan!" and with that he walked out.

I was confused by the entire thing, the guy had brought his entire football team and then left after a look. Sure, I hadn't wanted him here, but he could've shown a bit more sympathy. Snorting, I looked back at the girl and found her wide awake.

Her eyes shocked me, it was the first thing I noticed. Two sparkling silver gray eyes looked back at me with a mixture of confusion and fear.

I quickly moved closer and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Hey, It's alright. You were in an accident, I brought you here." I kept all the other details about the accident to myself, not wanting to freak her out further. She calmed down a little, but there was still confusion written all over her face.

She looked me in the eyes, and I noticed some annoyance.

"Where did you send him?" she croaked, her voice scratchy.

I didn't understand at first, but then I realized she was talking about the jerk who'd walked in before.

"He just left. Do you know him?" I asked.

She looked down and fumbled with her fingers, then looked up with pain in her eyes.

"He's the guy I'm in love with."


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