Amusement Park

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San Ji paced back and forth in front of Sun-mi's condo unit. Though he told her that she was coming, and she agreed that they should talk, he was still so restless... hesitant... anxious...

His heart almost stopped when he heard the door opening.

"Why are you not knocking?" Sun-mi asked, always with a cold stare in her eyes. That gave him the strength to face her. He was suddenly reminded that he was not the one who did the betrayal. He was there to hear her side, not to plead for her love like he was always doing whenever they were arguing.

"I was about to knock," San Ji said, entering the unit.

"Let's talk here," she said sitting on the dining table. She prepared dinner for them. That was the first time she did that.

"I don't want to eat," San Ji said, sitting firmly at the couch on the living room.

"I cooked this for you," she said, always looking and sounding so bossy.

"I said that I don't want to eat," San Ji said, raising his voice. "I'm here to talk to you, not eat."

"Don't you want to taste my cooking before we totally put an end in our relationship?"

"Are you mocking me?" San Ji asked, getting annoyed.

"I'm giving you a peace offering," she said, further annoying him.

"How much pleasure do you get whenever you make fun of me?" San Ji asked, getting on his feet. "Does it make you extremely happy?"

She only stared at him, making him more upset.

He took a step closer to her as he asked, "I loved you, Sun-mi. I tried to show it to you ever single day and even when we argue... I always loved you. How can you... betray me like this?"

"I hated you and your family," she said, with angry tears in her eyes.

"Why? What have I done for you to hate me and my family this much?"

"You didn't do anything," Sun-mi cried. "It's all because of your father."

"My father?"

"Mom killed herself because your company crushed her business down..." Sun-mi said, slumping on the couch. "It was her life. I saw how she struggled after her business had gone down. My father was convincing her to try another business, to start all over again. But Mom only wanted that business. She wanted it back. She pleaded with your father. She thought that if I come with her, your father would take pity and let her continue her business. But your father denied it to her. He didn't take pity. I hated your father that day. My father told me that I should not... but... I can't. I saw Mom slowly drowned into her depression. She was always crying. She would not talk to us. She would spend most of her time lying down on the bed, repeatedly muttering how much she wanted her business back, how she felt so lost and useless now that it was gone. Dad tried everything to help her. We tried to help her out of it... but instead of overcoming it... she furthered drowned on it... I saw how my mother deteriorated... She used to be full of energy, always smiling... but that loss... totally changed her... until she could not take it anymore and killed herself... My hatred for your father resurfaced... It intensified...

"The day we buried Mom... I promised myself that I will make your father suffer... I will make his family suffer...

"Dad tried talking me out of it... but I didn't listen. I went on with my plan. I studied hard... I helped Dad with my business until it was eligible enough to invest stocks in your company... I crawled my way from a shareholder to one of the board directors.

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