The Skillful Chef

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"What are you doing here?" Joo Hyuk asked and So Joon could not understand why Joo Hyuk looked so surprised when he had seen Eun Ji.

"This is also my house, isn't it?" Eun Ji said as he walked past Joo Hyuk and embrace So Joon. "I miss you, brother."

So Joon did not know what to reply. He could not even return the embrace.

"I'm sorry. I came to see you this late," Eun Ji said letting go of So Joon. It seemed that he did not mind So Joon not saying anything and not returning his embrace. "I would have come the moment Joo Hyuk told me that you had finally regained consciousness but I can't leave the restaurant. There were too many things that needs my careful attention this past few days."

"It's fine," So Joon said. "Are you not busy today? I don't want to be a bother to any of you..."

"You are not a bother," Eun Ji quickly said. "I fixed everything that I need to fix before visiting here. I was worried because you and Joo Hyuk are not eating healthy foods. Ha-neul and Han-na told me about it so I came here to cook for the two of you."

"Thank you, Eun Ji!" Joo Hyuk said putting an arm around Eun Ji's shoulder. "So Joon, we will be eating delicious food tonight."

"Tonight... and tomorrow," Eun Ji said with a wide smile. "I will prepare food for you until tomorrow night. You just need to reheat those foods."

Eun Ji looked at the refrigerator and shook his head.

"You told me that you went to the market," he glared at Joo Hyuk.

"I did," Joo Hyuk proudly answered. "And since I can't cook, I bought a lot of fruits and vegetables. No meats. Vegetable and fruit salad are both healthy food, right? But instant ramen is the best, right, So Joon?"

"Yes, you are right," So Joon agreed with a soft laugh.

"No!" Eun Ji yelled in frustration. "You need to eat a better meal. You two should start learning how to cook, for your future wife."

"What? You know more about women than us? You can't even to Hera." Joo Hyuk teased Eun Ji.

"Why are you dragging Hera in this conversation?" Eun Ji snapped at Joo Hyuk.

"Stop now, you two," So Joon said. "Eun Ji has a point. We should learn to cook other dishes."

"But since you don't have enough stock here on your fridge, we need to go to market."

"I just went there the other day," Joo Hyuk said and it was obvious that he did not want to return there today.

"I will go with you," So Joon volunteered. "Joo Hyuk has a painting to finish."

"Will you be all right?" Joo Hyuk asked worrying.

"Of course, he will be," Eun Ji assured him. "I am with him."

"That is what I am worrying about," Joo Hyuk teased.


"Stop!" So Joon quickly intervened. "We are only going to the market, Joo Hyuk. Don't worry too much."

"Fine," he said though he still looked worried. "Take care."

"Do you want me to buy something for you?" Eun Ji asked.


So Joon stifled a laugh and Eun Ji only glared at Joo Hyuk.

"Let's go, So Joon," Eun Ji said. "Let's use my car."

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