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Ha Jin and So Joon arrived an hour before the others and they were surprised at the long table lying on Grandma's backyard. It was filled with her home-made dishes. Her two siblings were also helping with the preparation. Her older brother and younger sister were living only a few steps away from that house. So Joon visited them the last time and they were as welcoming as Grandma.

Everyone looked so excited to greet their guests which lessen the nervousness Ha Jin was feeling. They also cleaned the house. It looked more spacious than ever before but still not enough to accommodate twenty more people.

"Don't worry about our guests, Ha Jin," Grandpa Sun-ok had said when he noticed her anxiously looking inside the house. "I cleaned my house, so they can use it for two weeks."

"Grandpa Sun-ok, you don't have to do it," So Joon said, blushing in embarrassment. "We can fit ourselves here in Grandma Sook-ja's house."

"You cannot fit twenty people in here," Grandpa Sun-ok had said. "Don't worry, we will sleep in Sun-yang's house. And Ha Jin knows that we are spending Christmas with our children. We will be spending our holidays in their house. I'm glad that you decided to spend your vacation here. Sook-ja waited for a long time to spend Christmas with her daughter and grandchildren. Meeting your boyfriend's family is a plus. She is very happy when you said that you will spend Christmas here and not in the city. And since we will not be using our house these holidays, we decided to lend it to your family, So Joon. Think of our house as your home. We will not mind it."

"Thank you so much, Grandpa Sun-ok," So Joon said, bowing very low to the old man.

"Thank you, Grandpa Sun-ok," Ha Jin said, giving her grandfather a warm embrace. "You and your siblings are always the best."

"Let's help your grandmothers," Grandpa Suk-on said, leading them to the backyard so they can help in preparing dinner for everyone.

The first one to arrive were Mom, Dad, Ji Soo, San Ji, Mi-na and Mi Sook. They brought some grocery items to cook for Christmas and a few bottles of wine.

They happily greeted Ha Jin's family and like So Joon was expecting and Ha Jin was hoping, they had easily gotten comfortable with each other. Mrs. Kim helped in the kitchen with Mrs. Go, Grandma Sook-ja and Grandma Sun-yang while Grandpa Sun-ok toured Mr. Kim and San Ji to his house. Se Jin was playing with Mi-na with Mountain and the goats. Ji Soo and Mi Sook were strolling around the backyard.

After an hour, Yo Jung, Han-na, Won Soo, and Ki Joo arrived. They greeted Ha Jin's family then joined So Joon and Ha Jin on the long table.

"Ha Jin, thank you for welcoming us here in your place," Yo Jung said, looking a bit better. "The air here is so refreshing."

"Yes, this is better than the resort we recently visited," Ki Joo said with a bit of bitterness.

"Right," Won Soo agreed. "They can never follow us here. Thank you, Ha Jin."

Ha Jin only smiled then looked at the open gate when they heard another car stopped. They could not park inside the yard, so they all parked their car beside the road. It was a good thing that the road was rarely being passed by a car. Most of the people there were walking or riding a horse or travelling by a carriage that was being pulled by either cows or horses.

Eun Ji, Hera, and Mr. Jang arrived.

"Relax," So Joon whispered to his brother as he walked beside him. "You look so nervously stiff. Do you want Hera to know?"

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