Vacation Plan

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"Why is my son smiling so widely and being this sweet?" Mom asked when So Joon entered the kitchen and saw his mother preparing dinner for them. He quickly gave her a back hug and he could not wipe the wide smile off his face. "Is Ha Jin's province that good? You look so relaxed and happy."

"It really is a relaxing place, Mom," So Joon admitted, still embracing his mother. "I want to take you and our whole family there. If you all want to relax, that is certainly a perfect place."

"Why don't you take a seat and eat? I thought you are hungry?" Mom asked, raising an eyebrow as she carefully placed a cup of rice between the other dishes she prepared.

"Have you already had dinner?" So Joon asked, letting go of his mother, and took the seat in front of the cup of rice.

"Yes," Mom answered, taking the seat beside him. "Me and Won Soo already had dinner an hour ago. He was too hungry to wait for you."

So Joon only smiled and began eating everything that his mother prepared. Their long trip made him so famished.

"I'm happy to see you smiling that widely. It really is a wonderful sight," Mom softly said as she watched him eating, still with a wide smile on his face.

"Mom, they already agreed to spend Christmas with us," So Joon enthusiastically said to his mother.

"No wonder you look so happy."

"I want you to meet them, Mom. You will quickly like each other because both of you are wonderful people."

"Just by looking at Ha Jin, I already like them. And by the way you are smiling right at this moment, I like them even more. I will like whoever it is that will make you smile like that."

"You really are the best, Mom."

"Do you still want more rice?"

"Yes, please."

Mom only smile and filled his cup with rice.


"I envy your enthusiasm," Ki Joo said while she was having dinner with Ha Jin.

"Why? Are you not excited to spend Christmas with Won Soo and the rest of his family?" Ha Jin wondered. "Are you two arguing again?"

"No, we're not arguing," Ki Joo said with a smile. "I'm just not as excited as you are."


"Maybe because I am already used to spending Christmas with him. The feeling is... just normal excitement. Unlike yours. I'm sure you will be having sleepless night until the holidays are over."

"I can still sleep well even if I am this excited."

"Right," Ki Joo said with a shrug of her shoulder and a teasing smile which Ha Jin ignored.

"How do they spend Christmas, Ki Joo?"

"Just see and experience it for yourself. You will only need to wait for two weeks. And you should not be wasting your time thinking about it. You should be pondering about what gift you will give to So Joon, right?"

"Well... you're right."

"I don't know what to give Won Soo this Christmas," Ki Joo sighed. "I had given him too many Christmas gifts that I am running out of ideas this year."

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