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"Joo Hyuk, will you stay still? You are worsening Mom's headache," So Joon said when Mom sat on the dining table and asked for milk and medicine against headache.

"Who is that man?" Mom asked after taking the medicine and draining her glass of milk.

"It's Ho-Jun, right?" So Joon said, raising an eyebrow at Joo Hyuk. "When have you become friends with your rival?"

"It's a long story," Joo Hyuk said, sitting in front of So Joon. "We are doing this for Seo Hyun and her father."

"You already met her father?"

"They are not in good terms."

"You want them to reconcile? That is why you are joining forces with Ho-Jun?"

"I don't want her to keep hating her father," he said and blushed when So Joon smiled. "What is with that smile?"

"I remembered when Ji Soo and I are talking. You said the same thing to us. That we cannot move on from Ji Yeon if we keep on hating her. That we should talk to her and say everything that we wanted to say and let her say everything that she wanted to say. I'm just happy because your advice helped us a lot. You really do value relationships between family members that much."

"I just don't want to keep seeing my loved ones sad and angry. I just want them to keep smiling. I want all of you to be truly happy," Joo Hyuk said, blushing and more so when Mom and So Joon beamed at him as if teasing him. "Please, don't tell this to Seo Hyun. I am still working my way to make her father listen to me."

"Okay, we will keep your secret," Mom and So Joon promised.

"Thank you," Joo Hyuk said with a relieved sigh.

"Good luck with your plan," So Joon said.

"Thanks," Joo Hyuk said then stared anxiously at Mom. "You are tiring yourself out, Mom. What if you get sick? I don't want you to get sick."

"We need to satisfy our clients to get the company going. I want to keep my employees and provide them a stable and good source of living."

"But, Mom, why are your clients suddenly become so demanding?" Joo Hyuk curiously asked.

"We need to keep up with the competition in the market. There is this company that has good quality products and has a unique and fresh way in promoting them on the market. They are attracting some of our customers and even clients because of that. We cannot risk losing more of our customers and clients. That is why we need to exert more effort in pleasing them."

"Why is it so hard to keep a company on top?" Joo Hyuk sadly ask.

"When some of my clients left, I discovered who are the people that are true to our company's vision. We are not aiming to be number one. Our only aim is to compete well in the market, to give our customers a quality service and to give my employees a stable job. I hope we can keep up with the competition fast, so we can all go back to our normal working schedule."

"I hope so too," So Joon said, worrying not only about Mom but also about Ha Jin.

"I have confidence in you, Mom. And to all your employees," Joo Hyuk said, beaming at Mom and then at So Joon who only smiled back at him.


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