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Ha Jin was staring at So Joon while he was driving her home. There was nothing bothersome with his silence. It was the anxiety in his eyes that was worrying Ha Jin.

"We're here," So Joon said when he parked the car and Ha Jin was only staring at him. "What's with that look?"

"What's with that look?" Ha Jin asked him back.

He only smiled at her and opened the car door but before he could get out, Ha Jin grabbed his hand and glared at him.

"What is it that you are hiding from me?" she asked, tightening her grip on his hand.

He closed the car door and sighed.

"Yo Jung said that I should forget about it, but I can't."

"Hmmm... is it about Ms. Ji Yeon?"

"She is still bothering us in the clinic," So Joon said. "I really don't mind if she does that every day. I want to see if she can do that for a long time, if she really is sincere in winning us back. But she only lasted a few days. Earlier this day, when she visited us, she completely lost her patience and resorted back to threatening us. It might be because of our coldness towards her."

"She threatened you with what?" Ha Jin asked, starting to worry.

"She said that Han-na seems to be telling the truth."


"Yo Jung doesn't want to leave me alone on the clinic and Han-na has a lot of free time lately despite Ha-neul and Si-eun on a vacation leave. They made my clinic their dating place. When Ji Yeon visited one time, she had a chance to talk alone with Han-na. She told Ji Yeon that we are not children anymore and she cannot win us back by bribing us with snacks or any material things. She thought that Han-na only wanted to discourage her so, she did not listen and kept bringing us food and material things that she thought we needed. But Yo Jung and I told her that we can buy those things on our own. The things that we needed had already been provided by Mom and Dad a long time ago. And a parent's love... she is incapable of giving that to us. Those words made her angry," So Joon sighed. "She can't show us that love if we keep ignoring her efforts. That was what she said. Then she resorted to threats and said that she will make us come to her by any means necessary. She will not stop until we come back to her. Yo Jung said that she cannot make us come back to her because we are not children anymore. I want to believe Yo Jung's words but Ji Yeon's confidence when she uttered those words keeps on bothering me."

"I can't understand her," Ha Jin said, utterly confused. "She wants you back that badly, but she is incapable of being a good parent. What does she want from the three of you? She already has a family."

"I don't know," So Joon said with a sigh.

"We will not know what she is thinking until she starts making her next move," Ha Jin said. "But whatever it is, Yo Jung is right. You are not children anymore. She cannot make you come back to her because you are old enough to know what you want and that is to become a Kim for the rest of your life. You have the strength, the mind, the resources to counter her every move. You are not alone in this. You have your family behind you. It will never be an easy thing for her."

So Joon smiled and wrapped his arms around Ha Jin.

"Thank you, Ha Jin."

"Do you want to come inside and relax yourself first?"

"I am already relaxed," So Joon said, beaming at her. "But I want to say hi to your Mom and get a glimpse of Winter."

"Let's go," Ha Jin said, pulling So Joon out of the car and inside their house.

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