Horses and Snows

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So Joon knocked excitedly on Ha Jin's front door. He waited an entire week for that vacation, for a chance to spend a relaxing weekend on her grandmother's house and their simple neighbourhood. He wanted to breathe fresh air, eat fresh vegetables, and drink fresh goat's milk on that place. He really did have a wonderful time in there the last weekend. He was certain that this weekend would become more memorable because Ha Jin's grandmother was already out of the hospital.

But his enthusiasm was slowly turning into anxiety when Ha Ji was not opening the door and she was not answering her phone.

He continuously knocked on the door with more force and was already thinking of breaking in when his phone vibrated.

He hurriedly checked it and breathed with relief when he had seen Ha Jin's message.

Just a second.

But it was not a second or a few seconds but minutes before the front door opened.

His worries returned when he had seen Ha Jin still in her pajama, looking sick as she leaned on the door.

"I'm sorry. I overslept," she weakly said, wrapping her arms around So Joon who placed a hand over her forehead.

"You are hot," he said, scooping her up in his arms and gently put her back on the bed. "I told you not to take a shower in the rain."

"It's not the rain. It's because I worried too much about you," she said, smiling weakly at him. "I just need to sleep for an hour or two. We will go after that."

"No. You should rest."

"Mom and Grandma are expecting us. We should go."

"Ha Jin..." his heart skipped a beat when Ha Jin pulled him on the bed and tightly embraced him.

"I'll heal faster if you stayed this close beside me," Ha Jin said, leaning her head to his chest and she had fallen asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.

So Joon guiltily stared at Ha Jin. It was really his fault that she had gotten sick.

"I'm sorry, Ha Jin..." he whispered, gently caressing her hair.


Ha Jin rolled over her bed while embracing her blanket. Her head was still aching but not as much as before. So Joon really was her medicine. She sat up on her bed, still embracing her blanket.

Where is that man? Did he go home? And where is my phone?

She searched her bed but could not find her cellphone there.

"I hid it with my phone," So Joon said entering her room.

He was carrying a tray with a bowl of soup, a glass of milk, a glass of water, slices of fruits, and a capsule of medicine.

"Why did you do that?" Ha Jin snapped at him.

"You need to rest," he said, smiling so handsomely at her while he placed the tray in front of her. "And you need to eat."

"You know how to cook?" Ha Jin asked, staring at the soup with amazement.

"I don't know," So Joon admitted. "I only did what you did when you prepared that soup for your grandmother. I already tasted it. Don't worry. It is not that bad, and it is not poisonous."

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