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"Date on a better place," So Joon said to Yo Jung and Han-na when they insisted staying on his clinic.

"This is a good place," Han-na said.

"What is good in this place? You will not have any privacy in here."

"We don't need privacy," Yo Jung said. "We only need time to be together."

"Don't you want to watch a movie? Have lunch on a restaurant? Walk by the beach? Have picnic on a park? Go to an amusement park? Don't you want a date like that?"

"I thought you already remember everything? Then you should know we don't want dates like that," Han-na said. "We have more privacy here in your clinic than in any other place. I won't get stressed with women staring at Yo Jung."

"Is that the real reason you are not going out when you are dating?"

"It is," Yo Jung assure him. "Han-na don't like people staring at us."

"Then go home and have a date there. You should make the best out of your time together. You should enjoy it with yourselves and not with me and my patients here in the clinic."

"We used to date on the hospital," Han-na said. "On my first two years there, we are mostly dating on the hospital grounds. I was too busy back then."

"And when we do go out, she is stressing herself with people gazing at me."

"Because you were also smiling widely back at them," Han-na said. "You were such a flirt back then."

"And you were not?" Yo Jung shot back. "I also caught you flirting with your co-doctors and some nurses in the hospital."

"I'm not flirting with them," Han-na said. "I'm just befriending them. Ha-neul will scold me if I ignored everyone in the hospital. We should set a good example to everyone in there."

So Joon smiled at seeing those two reminisce with a smile. In the past years, those two were always arguing with almost anything. They were still arguing these days, but not as much as before. Their understanding with each other had grown as deep as their relationship. That was the reason they could smile while reminiscing those childish memories.

"I'll just go out and buy us some lunch," So Joon said. "What do you want?"

"Don't go anywhere," Yo Jung said. "We can have them delivered here."

"You are worrying too much about me."

"Yes, I am," Yo Jung seriously said. "You almost died twice already. I can't let that happen the third time."

"My thoughts are correct. You are here because you want to guard me."

"Yes," Yo Jung admitted. "And don't blame us. If you can't stop yourself from your heroisms, then we will."

So Joon sighed and opened his office, "Just call me when the food arrives or there is a patient."

He was about to head inside when his cellphone rang.

He stared at the unregistered number for a while. He thought his heart would pound with nervousness but, surprisingly, his heart remained calm, almost numbed.

Yo Jung grabbed his phone and answer the call for him.

"Who is calling?" he politely asked and the sudden change in his expression told So Joon that his guess was right. It was Ji Yeon. "What do you need?"

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