Tying the Knot

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Ha Jin woke up with aching arms, but at least her wrist was not swelling anymore. She rolled on the bed and checked her cellphone.

"No..." she guiltily muttered as she stared at the message flashing on her cellphone. She had fifty missed calls from So Joon and thirty messages asking if she was okay, why she was not answering, the pictures on his phone was not helping him sleep, he could not see the stars from the pool resort, if it was okay to call her, and many more messages that So Joon would not have sent if he was in his right mind. He promised not to drink more than he could handle. His brothers told her that they would be watching him.

Those men! What are they doing at that pool resort? Did they have a stag party?!

"Ha Jin, what's wrong? Why are you staring angrily at your phone?" Seo Hyun wondered as she sat up on her bed.

Ha Jin did not answer. She just called So Joon. But he was not answering. She tried for five more times but there was still no answer.

"Have you tried calling Joo Hyuk?" Ha Jin asked, getting more annoyed.

"Not yet," Seo Hyun said, taking her cellphone from underneath her pillow then she joined Ha Jin on her bed. "What happened?"

"I think So Joon is drunk," Ha Jin anxiously sighed. "They went to that pool resort and get themselves drunk! What if..."

"They will come to our wedding," Seo Hyun assured her. "It's only 10am. We still have five hours to prepare. I think they only did that because they could not sleep."

"But So Joon's last missed call was at 7am. And now he is not answering his phone."

"He must be sleeping. Let him rest," Seo Hyun said, stroking Ha Jin's back.

"But you know how So Joon is when he sleeps," Ha Jin anxiously said.

"He will wake up in time. He is not alone, Ha Jin. His brothers are with him. They will not let him miss this day. Stop worrying about the boys. Let's worry about our stomach. I'm hungry. Aren't you?"

Ha Jin sighed, smiled, then said, "Fine. Let's eat."


"Is he okay?" Joo Hyuk anxiously asked while they were staring at So Joon sleeping soundly on his bed. "Why is he not waking up? Should we bring him to the hospital?"

"He is fine," Yo Jung said. "I checked his phone. His last call to Ha Jin was at 7am."

"Six hours of sleep should be enough," Eun Ji said. "He should get up now. The wedding is at 4pm. It's already 2pm. He should start preparing..."

"We still have two hours. Give him another thirty minutes to sleep," Ji Soo said. "The Rose Garden is only an hour away from here. We will get him there in time."

"You go ahead and tell them what happened to So Joon," Joo Hyuk said. "Ji Soo and I will wait for him to wake up."

"But Ha Jin will be the third person to walk on the aisle," Won Soo said.

"That sequence is not so important. She can be the last to walk on the aisle," Yo Jung said. "So Joon will wake up in time. He keeps his promises no matter what happens."

"Leave the three of them here. The rest of us should head to the garden," Dad said, "We should not make the girls wait."

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