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They were having another wonderful dinner.

Everybody was smiling and laughing as they celebrated Yo Jung's victory.

They were also delighted when Eun Ji announced that he had finally got the courage to pursue what his heart wanted.

"San Ji could not really come?" Hee Jin asked his husband. "He should also be relaxing like this."

"We had a lot of meetings to attend today and even tomorrow," Min Joo said. "That was why I could not answer your calls earlier. And when I do have a second to entertain a call, So Joon was not answering on the other line and then I heard you screaming. It frightened me and your brother. That is why I am here. San Ji told me that he could take care of the meetings and that I should go and check on you."

"Sorry for worrying you, Dad."

"It's fine. I also need a breather."

"Is there something wrong with your company?" Hee Jin asked, worrying at the exhausted look on her husband's eyes.

"We can handle it," Min Joo assured her. "I heard your business is doing well."

"Ha Jin is a great addition to the team. She is filled with ideas that inspires creativeness to her team mates."

"Thanks, Mrs. Kim," Ha Jin said, blushing at the compliment.

"We are not in the office anymore," Hee Jin reminded her.

"Oh... right... Mom," Ha Jin said, blushing even more.

Min Joo let out a heavy sigh, "My eldest is too busy to get married. When will I have a grandchild? None of you wants to get married before San Ji?"

They only smiled and Ji Soo raised his glass of wine and offered a toast.

"This is for the hope that one of my brothers will decide to marry their girlfriend and give our parents grandchildren," he said, making his father laugh. "And for Yo Jung and Han-na to start dating someone... anyone..."

"Hey!" Han-na said and Min Joo only laughed harder and raised his glass.

"Let's cheers to that!" he said and everyone raised their glass, even Han-na.

"My only daughter, I know you are still young and you want to enjoy being single. I understand that."

"Thanks, Dad!"

"But, Yo Jung, I think you should start dating," Min Joo said. "I will set up dates for you. I will not force you to like them, just see other women. How can you find your life's partner when you will only bury yourself in practicing?"

"Okay, Dad. I'll start dating."

Everyone seemed happy to hear that from him except Han-na. She was not saying anything but she was not smiling either. She was just staring at her plate with a grumpy expression. She was becoming that childish when it comes to Yo Jung.

After dinner, they played games and watched movies until they could not take the drowsiness anymore and decided to finally lay down and sleep.

The girls slept on Han-na's room and though there were six of them, the room was still spacious and comfortable.

They transformed the couches into a bed and since that was the first time Ha Jin encountered a sofa bed, she volunteered to sleep there with Ki Joo.

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