Cosmetics and Restaurants

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"Ha Jin, Seo Hyun, it's already late. Why don't you go home? I can take care of this kitchen."

"Mom, I will take care of this when I get home," So Joon said taking the plate from his mother's hands. "You have work tomorrow. You should rest."

"I will help So Joon when I get back," Joo Hyuk said taking the plate from his brother and put it gently on the sink. "We can take care of it, Mom. You should rest."

"I want to do this occasionally," Mrs. Kim insisted. "Go now. Take Ha Jin and Seo Hyun home. Let's have a chat when you return."

"You will stay here tonight?" Joo Hyuk asked looking excited.

"We will," Mrs. Kim smiled, noticing how much Joo Hyuk was longing for her. "Go now and return as early as you can."

"Yes, Mom!" Joo Hyuk said kissing his mother.

"Take care," she said to Joo Hyuk and Seo Hyun with her sweetest smile. Ha Jin was glad that Mrs. Kim could smile a lot and so sweetly in this lifetime.

"Thank you, Mom," Seo Hyun said also kissing Mrs. Kim before she and Joo Hyuk had taken their leave.

"See you later, Mom," So Joon said, obviously too shy to give his mother a kiss that he had only given her an embrace.

"Take care," Mrs. Kim said with a gentle pat on So Joon's back then she looked at Ha Jin and said, "See you soon, Ha Jin."

"Thank you again, Mrs. Kim," Ha Jin said and because she was as shy as So Joon, she had also given Mrs. Kim a tight embrace.


So Joon was surprised when Ha Jin tightly embraced him as soon as she got out of the car.

"Thank you for bringing wonderful people in my life," Ha Jin said looking up at So Joon with deep gratitude.

"Are you really happy to meet my whole family?"

"Do I look like I'm only pretending?" Ha Jin asked looking hurt and annoyed.

"Just a bit," So Joon grinned.

Ha Jin smiled when she realized that he was only teasing her.

"Ha Jin..." he hesitated, making Ha Jin curious.

"What?" she urged him.

"Do you really like what my mother offered you?"

"I love it," Ha Jin replied without any hesitation. "My boss is a good person but your mother... I can feel that she is a nicer person. I love to work for her."

"I'm glad to hear that you really love her offer," So Joon said with a relieved smile.

"What? You thought I only agreed because she is your mother?"

So Joon guiltily nodded.

"I like your mother," Ha Jin said unable to stop herself from smiling whenever she thought of Mrs. Kim. "I like the job that she offered me. I like her son. I like everything about your family. That is why I am grateful to you. Because your heart remained the same... I have the chance to meet such a wonderful family. Thank you, So Joon."

She gently kissed So Joon on his lips then whispered, "Good Night. I enjoyed a lot today. Suddenly, I have a lot of friends. Really, So Joon, thank you so much."

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