Games and Bullies

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"Do you have someplace to go? You are up early," So Joon asked when he woke up and saw that Joo Hyuk was already dressed up.

"Seo Hyun and I finally found a place to build our dream café," Joo Hyuk said looking extremely excited. "We are planning this for years already. I hope this will be a success. I want to give Seo Hyun some stability. And of course, her family would only let me marry her if I can assure them that I can give her a decent life."

"If both of you wanted that café then it would surely be a success," So Joon assured his younger brother.

"Thanks, brother," Joo Hyuk smiled and sat beside him. "Ha Jin looks happy working at Mom's company. You should not worry about her that much."

"I'm not worried anymore," So Joon said.

"Seo Hyun likes Ha Jin so much that she wanted to have lunch with her every day. She will never feel lonely," Joo Hyuk gave more assurance to his older brother.

"I'm glad that they quickly like each other."

"Ha Jin is easy to get along with," Joo Hyuk smiled then stared curiously at So Joon. "Don't you really want to work near Ha Jin? Don't you want to see her every minute of every day?"

"I want to," So Joon admitted. "But Ha Jin has a life to live, a dream she wants to achieve. I don't want to annoy her. We will be together when it was right for both of us. You and Seo Hyun are not yet married but you are fine with that. Ha Jin and I are just the same."

"What do you want to accomplish in your life?" Joo Hyuk asked and he seemed surprised to hear that So Joon wanted something to accomplish in his life before he got married.

"I want to remember everything first," So Joon said surprising Joo Hyuk further.

"I thought you are fine with not remembering?"

"This is only a temporary memory loss," So Joon said. "One day, I will remember everything. What made me forget... I think I need to face that on my own once it comes back to me. I want to marry Ha Jin without worrying about those memories that I could not remember. I want to think only of her once we got married."

"What if it takes a long time?"

"Ha Jin will understand," So Joon strongly believed on it.

"Hmmm... I think I also understand. There are things in life that we cannot escape no matter how fast we run from it."

"What? You speak like you are running away from something."

"Maybe I do..."

"What is it?" So Joon was suddenly worried when a trace of sadness tainted the joy in his younger brother's eyes.

"Nothing," Joo Hyuk said trying to hide his worries with a smile. "I'll go now."

"Wait," So Joon said, curious yet he knew that he could not push his younger brother to share his troubles with him. "Me and Ha Jin decided to have dinner with Mom and Dad tonight. Do you want to come?"

"Of course," Joo Hyuk said. "I'll bring Seo Hyun."

"See you later then."

"Will you bring food from Eun Ji's restaurant?" Joo Hyuk asked and the excited look on his face completely buried that trace of sadness.

"I will."

"Then tell Eun Ji to prepare my favorite."


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