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When So Joon and Ha Jin returned to Grandma Sook-ja's house, there were only San Ji, Yo Jung, Ha-neul, Ji Soo, Joo Hyuk, Eun Ji, and Won Soo gathering on the long table outside the house. The rest were already sleeping inside, and it was a miracle how they managed to fit themselves there.

"How can you sleep there?" So Joon asked and Ha Jin only shrug her shoulders.

"Why don't you join us outside?"

"I'll just sleep beside Ki Joo," Ha Jin said. "There is still a space beside her. You go and bond with your brothers."

"Sweet Dreams, Ha Jin," So Joon whispered, kissing her lightly on the lips.


So Joon only nodded and joined his brothers outside the house.

"Brother, what is your gift to Ha Jin?" Joo Hyuk curiously asked but So Joon only smiled.

"Why are you still up?" he asked as he poured wine on an empty glass.

"It's because San Ji and Yo Jung doesn't want us to sleep yet," Ji Soo answered.

"Yes," San Ji admitted. "I miss bonding like this with all of you. It feels like a long time since the last time we gathered like this."

"You are always busy with the company," Eun Ji said. "We are really happy that you and father can join us in this two-week vacation."

"I don't want to work like that anymore," San Ji said, and he seemed a bit drunk. "I don't want to go back to that company..." he choked as he mentioned those words and tears began to fill his eyes. "I don't want to see her..."

"What happened between you and Sun-mi?" Ha-neul asked. "Are you still not talking to each other?"

"I am always trying to reach out to her, but she keeps on ignoring me," San Ji said, trying to drown his pain with wine. "And it's just because I can't agree to what she wants for the company. Her stubbornness will only bring trouble to the company. I keep on telling her that. I am always trying to make her understand that what she wants is not really for the best interest of the company, but she never listens. Instead... she started to hate me... and told me that we should just break up... It's that or I will agree with her plan."

"Sun-mi really said those words?" Joo Hyuk asked. "She doesn't look the type to corner you like that."

"Well, no offense, brother, but I don't like Sun-mi ever since you introduced her to us," Eun Ji said. "Maybe because she looks serious most of the time. She rarely smiles. She always wants to work. She is the reason you began working almost non-stop, to keep up with her enthusiasm for work. Now that I am remembering those reasons why I don't like her for you, I know that she really is the type of girl that will choose her work over you. Just break up with her."

"Eun Ji, don't say that," Ha-neul said.

"I'm just saying what's on my mind," Eun Ji said. "She is not healthy to San Ji ever since. Break up with her, brother. You can still find someone more deserving of your love."

"Eun Ji!" Ha-neul snapped at him but he only shrugged his shoulders then sipped some wine.

"I think... Eun Ji is only telling me the truth."

"You should talk first," Ha-neul said.

"She already made a choice and it's not me," San Ji bitterly said as he gulped more wine. "I should respect her decision."

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