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"Are you sick?" Ha-neul asked when So Joon and Ji Soo returned to the front yard. "You look pale."

"He only needs to eat and sleep," Ji Soo said, making So Joon sit beside Ha Jin. "Mom, can we eat now?"

"Go on," Mom said. "I know you are tired. Eat now so you can sleep afterwards."

"I'm okay," So Joon said. "Let's wait for Dad and San Ji."

"You don't have to wait that long," Dad said, approaching Mom so he could kiss her cheek. "I'm hungry. Let's eat."

Everyone settled themselves around the kitchen and they started eating dinner in silence. It was weird. Usually, it was either Ji Soo or Mr. Kim that was starting a conversation on the dinner table. But they were both awfully quiet in their seat, as if they were greatly bothered by something.

For Mr. Kim, it might be because of work since San Ji looked as bothered as him. But Ji Soo was smiling excitedly before he went to fetch So Joon. When they returned on the front yard, he looked so worried while So Joon looked so pale.

"Dad, is there something wrong with the company?" Yo Jung was the one who had broken the awful silence around the dining table.

"It's the usual problems. We can fix it in time," Dad said, trying to hide his anxieties with a smile.

"Dad, I'm already full," San Ji said, putting down his chopsticks.

"I know you're exhausted. Go to your room and sleep."

"Thanks, Dad. Good Night, Mom. Good Night, everyone," he said before taking his leave.

"He looks broken-hearted," Eun Ji whispered after San Ji entered the house. "Did his girlfriend totally broke up with him?"

"Why don't you talk to your brother?" Dad kindly suggested. "He needs your support right now. He will not open up to us like he would to his brothers."

"Right," Eun Ji agreed. "We should talk to San Ji. I'll buy some beer."

"You don't have to," Joo Hyuk said. "Yo Jung had plenty of beer on the fridge."

"Oh right. I saw that when we were preparing dinner."

"Eun Ji, how is your restaurant?" Dad curiously asked. "You told us that your reason for renting an apartment near your restaurant is because you are so busy. Are you having problems with it? Is that the reason you are always going home early?"

Mom gently tapped Dad's shoulder and said, "Eun Ji is preparing something for Hera."

"Are you proposing to her?" Dad asked and finally, a genuine smile curved on his lips.

"Yes, Dad. I am letting Hera take care of the restaurant for now. I want her to be busy, so she would not notice what I am preparing for her."

"It's good to hear that you finally have plans on marrying her," Dad said, raising a glass of wine. "I will drink to that."

"Thanks, Dad," Eun Ji said, blushing.

"Dad, I really want to stay," Han-na said, looking at her watch with dismay. "But I am in the morning shift tomorrow."

"Go on. It's getting late. You should be driving home by now," Dad said.

Han-na approached her father and gave him a warm embrace. "Dad, let's have dinner tomorrow, okay?"

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