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Jungkook's six hyungs || jungkook centric by Lalithya_Jain
Jungkook's six hyungs || Lalithya Jain
Everyday story of jungkook and his six hyungs who is extremely over protective of jungkook and can go to any extent to protect their little one. They can kill and die fo...
Brothers-A Precious Bond by Veena_A
Brothers-A Precious Bondby Veena Ashokan
He loves his brother more than any thing. His bhai is his everything. But his bhai was not ready to accept it. To see the love. He is lonely yet not ready to accept the...
Life goes on [Jungkook's Six Strict Hyungs][ a BTS FF] by SehreenHridita3095
Life goes on [Jungkook's Six _MicroCosmos_
This is a fan fiction of BTS. Here I didn't include any Y/n or female lead character. It's just purely BTS's brotherly relations here. Jungkook as the youngest brother...
Trash of the Royal Family by CallenEvance
Trash of the Royal Familyby CallenEvance
Kim Rok Soo wakes up as the Sevent Prince. His older brother is Alver Crossman. His Second brother is Robbit Crossman. His fucker brother was the third prince. and his f...
🧡 This is going to be nearly a five-seven shots story on two brothers Neil and Manik and their beautiful bonding. 💜
mily gy dubara by MinahilMalik295
mily gy dubaraby Rishu Malik
(Completed) open it❤this story is based on brotherhood story in this story you will read alot of moments of sidshek and also avni neil love❤
And Then He Came  (ATHC) by Vaikarthana06
And Then He Came (ATHC)by Vai
"Their path was filled with darkness. He had only two options left with him... One was to surrender in front of fate and suffer all the pain... And the next was to...
My brother My Hero by Ruchiiii97
My brother My Heroby Ruchiiii97
This story is on brotherhood, about two brothers one is vivek and second is prince.. Vivek is prince's elder brother, after their parents shift to the different city viv...
In your highs, In your lows by introverts-veil
In your highs, In your lowsby introverts-veil
Everything seems to be going wrong for Hardik. First the Koffee with Karan fiasco, then the suspension and now coming back in the team, he senses that he isn't really we...
BANDHAN - (Book 3-PARIWAR Series) by SwatiSandeep
BANDHAN - (Book 3-PARIWAR Series)by SwatiSandeep
For Ayushmaan Oberoi Family was everything. His brothers meant the world to him. The brother who raised him, taught him the value of family, gave a promise to their dy...
Our Baacha - ✔️ by Sukorian
Our Baacha - ✔️by Sukorian
A story about brother's - not edited
BROTHERS - A PURE BOND  by secret1_author
BROTHERS - A PURE BOND by secret1_author
Story revolves around four brothers. How they stay together in all problem and never leave each other hand . How three brothers hold their small brother in tough time. ...
siblings by MinahilMalik295
siblingsby Rishu Malik
this story about siblings who love eachother and overprotective for eachother
-Hyung- by imagine_diaries
-Hyung-by Hamna Sheraz
Jeon Jungkook has spent his whole childhood with his beloved hyung kim Taehyung things begin to change when Taehyung comes home after years and worsen when jungkook gets...
Crazy Family by MinahilMalik295
Crazy Familyby Rishu Malik
This story about 5 sisters and 1 brother for further info open the story and read🤭❤❤ so in this story my focus on all characters so its going to be intresting👍
Family❤️ by TiffanyVaychilingum
Family❤️by TANYA
Not an author. Write for fun🤪
Reborn by MinahilMalik295
Rebornby Rishu Malik
this story is about 3 brothers who love each other but they killed by someone now they reborn for revenge now their ages same but personalities different
My Hyungs by whyshoulditellu233
My Hyungsby Life:)
What happens when you have not one but 6 elder strict brothers? The daily life of Kim brothers and their maknae jungkook. This is my first story No Y/N OT7 - contains n...
Draeyer Academy by ShanaZeren
Draeyer Academyby (HIATUS) Shana Zeren
(FIRST DRAFT) (53 Chapters + Bonus Materials) The Draes are wild, dangerous, magnificent and powerful creatures that thrive in Kosmiks. In their presence, the ancestral...
Kache Dhage ( Book 1- Singhania Brothers) by SwatiSandeep
Kache Dhage ( Book 1- Singhania SwatiSandeep
His life changed the day he defied his father and married Dhara. He choose love over family and in the end he was left with nothing but the responsibilities of a two ye...