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So Joon was running. He needed to save someone. He stopped in front of a closed door. He tried turning the knob but it was locked. He knocked but no one was opening the door. He could hear people from the other side arguing. The man was angrily bellowing and the woman was frantically pleading. It made So Joon more desperate that he repeatedly kicked the door hard until it opened.

He rushed inside the house and found the man beating a woman with his fist. The woman was already bruised and bleeding but the man was still punching and kicking her hard. So Joon picked up a vase and thrashed it hard on the man's head. He collapsed on the floor with a bleeding head but So Joon had no plan on stopping. He knelt over the man and repeatedly punched him on the face.

The woman grabbed So Joon from behind, trying to stop him, but So Joon was not stopping. He was not heeding the woman's pleading and suddenly, everything went black as a white-hot pain shot all over his body and the next thing he knew was jerking awake on the hospital bed, still with a painful body and a throbbing head. He was sweating despite the coldness of the room and he was catching his breath. He was even crying.

"So Joon, you are having a nightmare," Ha Jin said and she was gently stroking his back.

Mom and Ji Soo were also beside his bed, staring anxiously at him.

So Joon shakily embraced Ha Jin and calmed himself.

"What did you dream about?" Ha Jin asked when his breathing returned to normal.

"It was another foggy dream," he lied and Ha Jin only stared at him, as if she knew that he was not telling the entire truth. It was still a foggy dream. He could not make out their face but he had a feeling who those people were. And since he was not yet sure about that nightmare, that memory, he decided not to share them with his family and with Ha Jin. "Mom, I don't want to stay here. Can't we go home?"

"Just bear with this a little longer. You have a few stitches in your head. Let it heal for a few days. Please, So Joon, listen to me, just this time."

"Yes, Mom," So Joon said, lying down on his bed. He was afraid to close his eyes and fall asleep but he could not resist it for long. His eyes were getting heavier and as soon as he closed his eyes, sleep was quickly claiming him.


Ha Jin watched So Joon with worry. He was clearly having a series of nightmares but he was keeping it all to himself. She knew those were not just nightmares but his memories slowly coming back to him because of that head injury.

"Ji Soo, let's have some coffee?"

"Okay. Mom, I'll bring you one when we get back," Ji Soo said and Mom only nodded.

"Can I ask you something?" Ha Jin said when Ji Soo had given him a cup of coffee.

"What is it?"

"Why are you frequently meeting Ms. Ji Yeon's daughter?"

"Yes, why are you seeing her?" Yo Jung asked, sitting beside them.

"Did you talk to Ms. Ji Yeon?" Ha Jin asked.

"You went to see her? Did she slap your face?" Ji Soo asked also noticing the redness on his cheek.

"Hye-Rin did this," he irritably replied, taking the cup of coffee from Ji Soo.

"Why Hye-Rin?"

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