Pastimes and Nuisance

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Ha Jin got anxious when it was Yo Jung who was waiting for her at the lobby of G cosmetics instead of So Joon.

"What happened to So Joon? Where is he?"

"He is at home, sleeping," Yo Jung said, standing up. "He really wanted to take you home, but he is too tired to stay awake and drive," he walked beside Ha Jin and tapped her shoulder. "Don't worry. Starting tomorrow, he will never be so exhausted. I will assure you that."

"Han-na already found him an assistant?"

"I will be his assistant," Yo Jung simply said, surprising Ha Jin.

"What about Han-na?"

"She understands that So Joon needs me more than she does."

Ha Jin smiled at Yo Jung's deep concern for his younger brother and for Han-na's profound understanding.

"But So Joon will prefer another assistant. He knows how much you wanted to be with Han-na."

"So Joon and I already talked about that. I will be his assistant until we can leave the city. I want to make sure that she will never bother my brother again."

"She? Is it..."

"Ji Yeon. She is still pestering my brother," Yo Jung said, looking annoyed.

"But So Joon..."

"Right. He isn't telling us anything. I don't know what he is thinking, letting that woman pester him. But starting tomorrow, I will never let that woman get anywhere near So Joon."

"Is he really okay? Are you sure he only needs to rest? What about his nightmares? Do you know anything about it?"

"So Joon is only stressed out," Yo Jung assured her. "Once he is well rested and Ji Yeon stopped harassing him, the nightmares he is having will surely go away."

"Really?" Ha Jin asked, still worrying.

"Really," Yo Jung said, leading her out of G cosmetics and into his car.


"What happened to your wrists?" Ha Jin anxiously asked when she had seen plasters around So Joon's wrists. "Did Ji Yeon give you those cuts?"

"Yo Jung told you about her?"

"Of course, he will tell me about her," Ha Jin said, slamming the car door shut in annoyance. "Why didn't you tell me that she is pestering you? Do you really want her to hurt you like this?"

"What happened yesterday is also my fault," So Joon said as he started the engine.

"Are you trying to defend her?" Ha Jin asked, getting further annoyed.

"It's because I refused to hire her."

"Normal applicants that had been rejected don't act like that," Ha Jin said. "That means she is not normal. She is a psycho. Refusing her is the right thing to do. Stay away from her. If she hurts you one more time, I will resign from my work and stay beside you all the time. If you don't want to protect yourself from her, then I will."

"I will not let this happen again," So Joon said. "I will not let her inside the clinic. Yo Jung will also not let her in. You don't have to worry about me anymore. Yo Jung will not only be my assistant but also a bodyguard."

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