Career Change

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Han-na could not believe what she was seeing on the table of her office. Before the human-resources department could schedule exams and interviews for an employee, Han-na was the one filtering the resumes. She was doing that on her free time and even when she was in her condo unit. She wanted to know every employee that would be working for their hospital. She was also the one conducting the final interview and quietly observing the activities of the interns when she was making her rounds over the hospital. She wanted to ensure that they were giving the best medical service to each of their patient.

A strong and unusual objective were the things that greatly appeal to Han-na, not a person's educational background and work experience. Family background was also important to her.

The resume she was holding at that moment was not appealing to her at all. It only contained a name, a picture winking at her, and an objective that contained a few foolish words. The resume was surprisingly annoying to her.

She took her cellphone and hurriedly called that person. He answered on the third ring.

"I bet you had already seen my resume," Yo Jung said and Han-na could imagine how wide the smile on his face was at the other line.

"What do you think you are doing? Are you mocking me?" Han-na asked, crumpling the resume.

"I'm not mocking you. I'm dead serious about it. I want to work at your hospital. What I wrote there came from my heart. I want to work next to the one I love."

The door of her office opened and Yo Jung entered, holding his cellphone to his ear.

"Have you forgotten why I chose to take up nursing?"

"It's because I want to be a doctor," Han-na said, wanting so much to have Yo Jung in that hospital but her anxiety would not let her be completely happy.

Yo Jung cut the connection and placed the cellphone on the pocket of his jacket then he walked over to Han-na's table.

He gently took the cellphone from her hand before asking, "Are you not happy?"

"This is not your dream," Han-na said. "I don't want to keep you from doing the thing you love the most just to spend more time with you."

"Archery is only one of my dreams," Yo Jung said. "I already won enough trophies and medals. I want to stop competing now and enjoy my other desire."

"We can't marry each other yet," Han-na said, still looking torn.

Yo Jung held her hand and said, "We will not wait that long. Dad is helping us. I can change my surname soon and we can get married either this year or the next. Let's have faith in Dad. He will not let us wait that long."

"Do you really want to work here?" Han-na said, still hesitating.

"I really do," Yo Jung sincerely replied. "I can't satisfy myself from fetching you on and off work. I want to spend more time with you. Let me work here, Han-na."

"I'm a busy doctor," Han-na said, smiling at long last.

"I know. That is why I will always assist you."

"You haven't practiced your nursing degree for years. You cannot assist me if you don't have any experience."

"Then give me a week," Yo Jung said. "I can learn everything that I need to know in a week. I'm a fast learner."

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