Trust Issues

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So Joon was worried when Joo Hyuk entered their room with cans of beer in his hands. He slumped on the floor and leaned his back on So Joon's bed. He put down the beer and motioned for So Joon to sit beside him.

"What's wrong?" So Joon asked as he sat beside his brother and opened a can of beer.

"Nothing," he said, looking so dejected. He grabbed a can, opened it, and gulped its content.

"Is there something wrong with the café?"

"Have you talked to Ms. Ji Yeon?" Joo Hyuk asked back, avoiding the question.

"Not yet," So Joon answered then repeated his question, "Is there something wrong with the café?"

"I can go with you if you want to," he said, still evading the question. "If you are hesitant or scared, I can go with you and back you up. I can talk to her if you can't manage to get the words out in front of her. If you want help in convincing Yo Jung and Ji Soo, I can also help with that."

"I know you will help me once I asked for it, but I can talk to her without any problem," So Joon said. "I am not worried about it that much. What I am worrying about is my brother who is avoiding my questions."

"You are worrying about her that much," Joo Hyuk said. "You are willing to get yourself in trouble for some stranger and stray animals. How much more when it comes to your mother?"

"I will not endanger myself over her ever again," So Joon promised. "Let's stop talking about me. Your problem, let's talk about it. There are only two problems that can bother you that much. If it is not the café, then it is about Seo Hyun. Which of the two?"

"I know you keep most of your promises, So Joon. But when it comes to your mother... you are backing down on your words. You know how important you are to us, right?"

"I know," So Joon smiled. "You might find it hard to believe but, this time, I will always choose my present over my past."

"Will you?" Joo Hyuk stared at So Joon and he seemed desperately in need of hearing his answer.

"I will," So Joon seriously replied. "Just give me a chance to prove it."

Joo Hyuk sighed and drained the can.

So Joon also emptied the can he was holding and said, "I didn't expect to get hurt by your doubt..."

"I'm sorry, So Joon," Joo Hyuk said. "It's not just about you..."

"Then is it about Seo Hyun? Are you also doubting her? Are you afraid that he will choose that man from his past over you?"

He did not answer. He only opened another can and drank on it.

"I'm sure Seo Hyun is as offended as I am."

"I don't want to doubt her," Joo Hyuk said with another sigh. "I don't want to get jealous. But I can't help it. That man... he knows things about Seo Hyun that I don't. Whenever I see him talking to Seo Hyun, I feel like he knows her more than I do. I hate it."

"Have you tried talking to Seo Hyun?"

"She told me to trust her. I know that she would never cheat on me... but what if she slowly falls for that man? He can comfort her because of the things he knew about Seo Hyun. People tends to fall for people who comforts them, right?"

"Sometimes but not always," So Joon said. "I'm sure you are unconsciously providing Seo Hyun comfort. Standing beside her, holding her hand, putting your arms around her, sometimes those simple gestures are more than enough to comfort the people we love. Don't you agree?"

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