Unexpected Vacation

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There was chaos in the house when Ha Jin opened the front door. Mom was in a hurry to pack some clothes while Se Jin was securing Winter on a cage. Ki Joo was sitting on the sofa, wearing a headphone while reading plenty of books. They all looked stressed that Ha Jin was also getting stressed.

"What's happening here?" Ha Jin yelled as she took the wet jacket off her head and gave it back to So Joon.

They were planning to have dinner there but one look at the messy kitchen and she knew that there was nothing left for them to eat, only empty dishes to clean.

"Ha Jin!!!" Mom yelled back, running to her and grabbing her hands. "Your grandmother is sick. We need to visit her."

"Is she in the hospital?" Ha Jin anxiously asked.

"Your uncle is trying to convince her to go to the hospital, but she keeps on refusing."

"She will only listen to you," Ha Jin said.

"That's why Se Jin and I will visit her."

"I will go with you," Ha Jin said.

"I can take you there," So Joon said and Ha Jin was grateful with his offer.

"I'll just pack some clothes."

"Hurry," Mom anxiously said and Ha Jin ran to her room and hastily packed some clothes.

She was done in a few minutes then she talked to Ki Joo and her friend promised that she would take care of the house while they were gone.


So Joon drove hundreds of miles before they reached the house of Ha Jin's grandmother that was on an isolated village up on a hill. It was s small house with a spacious yard filled with different vegetables. They also have a few goats and an old black Labrador Retriever. So Joon smiled as he remembered his dogs.

Se Jin immediately freed Winter on the yard and he quickly befriended the animals in there. So Joon could see how much Ha Jin's brother had a heart for animals, not just for dogs.

"The dog's name is Mountain," Ha Jin whispered with a smile as she held his hand.

"It's a nice name."

"Hey, did you tell your family that you had taken us here? You should not make them worry."

"Ki Joo will tell them where I am."

"Send them a message," Ha Jin firmly said, glaring at him.

"Fine. I will," he said, taking his cellphone.

He sent one message to Mom then hid it again in his pocket.

"Good," Ha Jin said, grabbing his hand and pulling him inside the house.

It was a simple yet comfortable house. He had seen the entirety of the house the moment he entered.

There were two bedrooms and Ha Jin told him that the comfort room was on a separate room on the backyard.

There was a delicious scent coming from the kitchen that made his mouth water and his stomach growl.

"You haven't had dinner yet?" Ha Jin's Mom asked, making So Joon blush.

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