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"What's bothering you?" Joo Hyuk asked when he parked the car in front of Seo Hyun's apartment. "Do you still want to spend more time in Grandma Sook-ja's house? We can go back in there."

"I really do want to stay there for good," Seo Hyun sighed. "I'm afraid that if we spend too much time here in the city, father will go back to his old self..."

"Your father already changed before we took that vacation," Joo Hyuk reminded her. "He did not change because of that place. He changed because he wants to be your father again. He will not go back to how he once was. You are worrying too much."

"When we were on Grandma Sook-ja's house, I've seen a different side of my father," Seo Hyun said with a worried smile. "He had never been that caring and patient. I had never seen him smile like that. I can only remember him looking so serious and angry. When he was not working, he was busy in his study. I had never seen his sweetness to my mother. I had never seen him as her husband and as our father. I always thought of him as a businessman training all of us to be his future employees. He wants us to serve him and not the other way around. I thought he was only pretending to be a father, so he can absolve himself from being a bad father. I kept on pushing him away. I thought it would make him angry and would reveal his true intentions, his real self. But he didn't. He remained patient and kept on serving me. Seeing him like that for days... made it easier for me to forgive him. And after I gave him my forgiveness, he became more caring, and the smile on his face became even more radiant. I like to keep seeing that smile on his face. I'm afraid that this place would rob that beautiful smile away from him..."

"Your father will keep on smiling as long as you are smiling at him," Joo Hyuk confidently said and Seo Hyun only glared at him that he asked, "What is wrong with what I said?"

"How can you be so positive?"

"Good things have been happening around us. How can I not be positive?"

"Are you not afraid that all of these will vanish in an instant?"

"If I will always feel afraid, I will not enjoy the good things happening to me and around me," Joo Hyuk simply answered. "Though I believe that we are meant to be together forever, I still have to admit that we cannot hold on to everything endlessly no matter how hard we try to. The important thing is that we relish every wonderful moment with the people we love. Don't you agree with that, Seo Hyun?"

She sighed then smiled as she said, "You're right. I might be worrying too much. What will I do without you, Joo Hyuk?"

"You don't have to think about that," Joo Hyuk said, taking her hands. "Because you will never have to live without me. Let's get married, Seo Hyun."

"Let's do that after Ha-neul and Si-eun's wedding," Seo Hyun said with her sweetest smile. "Then let's build a house near Grandma Sook-ja's house. Let's build another Art Is Fun café there. Let's take my father with us. Is it okay if my father will live with us, Joo Hyuk?"

"Of course," he said without any hesitation. "He can live with us."

"I love you, Joo Hyuk," Seo Hyun said, tenderly kissing his lips.

"Let's spend the night together," Joo Hyuk whispered after kissing her back.

"Not tonight," Seo Hyun said, gently pushing him away. "You are too excited."

"What? Am I the only one?" Joo Hyuk asked, making her laugh softly.

"Fine," she said. "We are both excited. It's not good to spend the night together. Go home. Let's meet tomorrow at the café."

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