Family Secret

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"I told you, I will be fine," So Joon said, embarrassed at making Ha Jin took a leave from her work just to be with him on that day where Ms. Ji Yeon made an appointment to his clinic.

"I told you that it is okay for me to take a leave from work. I am a very good employee and I already finished all the urgent matters that I need to finish. My teammates will do well with the notes I left them," Ha Jin assured him. "But doesn't your clinic look too crowded?"

So Joon only smiled as she looked at his mother, Han-na, Yo Jung, and Ji Soo fitting themselves on the receptionist area. It was supposedly for one person only but they were all sitting there, waiting for Ms. Ji Yeon. They looked uneasy aside from Han-na who looked irritated. Maybe because Ms. Ji Yeon always reminded Yo Jung of his painful heartbreak.

"You had plenty of assistants today," Ha Jin said also smiling as widely as So Joon.

"I'm very lucky to have such a supportive and protective family. I'm just hoping that they will not scare Ms. Ji Yeon out of my clinic."

"I am also hoping for the same thing," Ha Jin said though she was also as restless as the rest of So Joon's family.

The door of the clinic opened and the tension inside the clinic rose when Ms. Ji Yeon entered with Mi-na carrying Han-sa, the Puppy Number One.

Everyone was on their feet as they looked at Ms. Ji Yeon.

"Yo Jung, Ha Jin, you are also here?"

"Yes," So Joon answered. "They only paid me a visit today."

"It's so nice to see you again," Ms. Ji Yeon said and she looked up at Ji Soo who was strangely looking at her with anger. "Is this your brother? You look alike."

"I'll just buy us some refreshments," Ji Soo angrily said as he darted out of the clinic.

"I'll go with him," Mrs. Kim said, following Ji Soo.

"So Joon, why don't you check on the dog?" Yo Jung said without taking his eyes off Ms. Ji Yeon.

"Okay," So Joon said, carefully taking the weak puppy.

"Mi-na, come with So Joon. You know Han-sa better than I do."

"Yes, Mom."

They went inside the checkup room.

"Han-na, go and assist So Joon," Yo Jung said and though Han-na wanted to stay there and watched over him and Ms. Ji Yeon, she had still obeyed her older brother.

"Don't you have an upcoming match?" Ms. Ji Yeon curiously asked.

"I am only here for my brother. I don't want to talk to anyone else," Yo Jung shot at Ms. Ji Yeon and she was obviously hurt by his rudeness.

"Yo Jung..."

"It's okay, Ha Jin," Ms. Ji Yeon said with a kind smile that was really unnerving for Ha Jin. She quickly reminded herself that it was not Queen Yoo. That woman in front of her was a different person. "Do you want to hear a story, Ha Jin?"

"About what?"

"When I was younger, I used to take care of cute puppies. I loved them like my own children. I did everything that I can to keep them with me... but as they aged... they bit me... and ran away from me. They wanted a better owner than me... maybe because their new owner could give them what I could not..."

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