The Jealous Sister

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The anxiety Ha Jin was feeling gradually vanished while she was having dinner with the Kims. How could not she feel at ease when the food Mrs. Kim had cooked tasted so heavenly and everyone around her were smiling and laughing over some random conversations. Ha Neul, San Ji, and Mr. Kim were not there because they were very busy but the rest of So Joon's siblings were present and they were too loud at teasing each other.

They were already having desserts when Mrs. Kim handed Yo Jung a picture of a beautiful lady.

"Your father sent me that picture. I wrote the date and the time at the back. Don't forget to meet her and be polite."

"I will," Yo Jung promised but before he could take the picture, Ji Soo snatched it and intently stared at it.

"It will not work out," he said, after a few seconds of examining the picture.

Yo Jung took the picture from Ji Soo with a raised eyebrow and asked, "What do you know about women? You've never dated anyone."

"I am an investigator," he reasoned. "I know things about people and you are my brother. I know you all too well. That girl is too good for you."

"Is it the other way around?" Yo Jung smirked.

"It is the other way around," Han-na agreed, obviously irritated with the picture. "The girl looked too demure. You don't like delicate women like her..."

"Okay, that's enough," Mrs. Kim said. "It's not right to judge people by their picture. I know you are only worried about your brother but let him know the girl first."

Han-na looked like she still wanted to utter some protest but decided to restrain herself and respect what her mother requested.

Ji Soo also stopped teasing Yo Jung.

"Mom, I think Ji Soo also wanted to date," Won Soo teased.

"I don't want to!" Ji Soo yelled and he really seemed greatly irritated by that suggestion. "I will stay single for the rest of my life!"

"Hera is for Eun Ji. Don't wait for them to break up. You should find another woman to love," Won Soo harshly said, silencing everyone.

"You should listen to your brother, Ji Soo," Mrs. Kim said, surprising everyone, that she added, "It might sound unsympathetic but it is the other way around. Won Soo is only worrying about you. We all are."

Ji Soo sighed his irritation away and said, "I'm not waiting for them to break up. I'm waiting for a woman that is as great as you and greater than Hera," he said those last three words with bitterness that only made everyone smile. "And... it's not that long ago since I had been rejected. I still need time to heal. Don't feel guilty, Eun Ji. This is not your fault."

Eun Ji sadly smiled at his younger brother.

"I will definitely find someone to love. Just not now."

"We know that," Joo Hyuk said. "Just don't take too much time over your heartache. It's not healthy."

"Who says I'm depressed?" Ji Soo defensively said. "I will never drown in depression over that. How can I feel depressed when I have you all around me? Family will always be the best thing for me."

"Let's drink to that!" Joo Hyuk said, raising his glass of juice and everyone did the same.

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