The Scar

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"Are you getting tired of looking after my brother?" Ji Soo asked while he was driving Ha Jin home.

"I'm offended," she said, glaring at Ji Soo.

"You can stay at our house. Why will you choose to go back to your home?"

"I'm still unmarried," Ha Jin said. "It is not good to stay at a man's house every night."

"But you have a valid reason for it. My brother needs you."

"I will visit him again tomorrow. Your brother will not miss me that much," Ha Jin paused for a while before she cleared her throat and asked, "Are you still against So Joon remembering everything about his past?"

"I told you it will never be good for him," Ji Soo said. "But even if I am against it, recovering his memories seemed unavoidable. He is bound to remember it."

"Did Yo Jung tell you anything about his conversation with Ms. Ji Yeon?"

"I heard everything that they talked about," Ji Soo said.

"I thought you are dealing with Hye-Rin?"

"I did. But it only took me a short while."

"What did you do? Isn't she blackmailing Yo Jung?"

"So Joon bounds to remember everything. We already accepted that. Her threats would never work anymore."

"Isn't she someone that we need to be wary of?" Ha Jin anxiously asked.

"Why? Did she go in our house and make a scene? I thought she would never do that because of Dad and she was afraid to go to prison."

"You told her to go and tell So Joon everything?"

"No. She is the one who told me that and I said that she can do whatever she wanted. Dad will take care of her."

"She did not go to your house but So Joon's phone had fifty missed calls from the same number."

"That might be Hye-Rin," Ji Soo said, laughing. "It's a good thing that you did not answer her calls."

"We are sleeping when she called."

Ji Soo laughed a little louder as he said, "That was even better. You blocked the number, right?"

"She can always use a new one," Ha Jin said.

"So Joon will not believe that crazy girl and once he finds out who is calling him, he will surely cut the line and block her number again. She will only tire herself out."

"Why are you so sure about that?"

"He knows Hye-Rin is crazy. Who would believe a crazy girl? So Joon will always believe his family first before other people."

"Will he?"

"I'm sure about that," Ji Soo said and his confidence lessened Ha Jin's anxiety.

"Tell me what happened with talking to Ms. Ji Yeon."

"I can say that it went well," Ji Soo said. "We asked her to cooperate with us in taking care of that man."

"Who is that man? Why did he hurt So Joon?"

"She married that man when Dad adopted us," Ji Soo casually said, as if the woman they were talking about was not his mother. "It turned out that man is also a crazy person. He was abusing her when So Joon found her and because of that, So Joon beat the hell out of that man and freed her. He is obviously seeking revenge at what So Joon did to him and for taking his wife away."

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