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Ha Jin and So Joon decided to date beside the lake where they nearly died. It was a weekend that it was filled with families going on a picnic. They spread a blanket near the lake. Ha Jin was sitting closer to So Joon and opposite them were Ha-neul and Si-eun, awkwardly sitting beside each other.

"Are you really planning on dating here today?" Ha-neul curiously asked as he stared at the lake.

"Yes," So Joon replied, also staring at the lake with a reminiscent smile. "I remembered how special this place is for me and Ha Jin."

"Right," Ha Jin agreed, leaning closer to So Joon.

"How can this place be special to both of you?" Ha-neul asked. "You nearly died in this lake."

"But that ugly incident turned out to be a miracle for me and Ha Jin," So Joon said, surprising both Ha-neul and Si-eun.

"It was a misfortune turned into a most wonderful gift I could ever have," Ha Jin added. "As you said, we could have died but instead, we slept for a long time and dreamed about each other. Our dreams pulled us closer to each other. You might not believe us. You are doctors after all. But it happened to us. We never believed in miracles before but on those hopeless and desperate times, we badly needed one. We thought that the heavens were not listening, but we were only unaware that it already made a move ahead of us. If I didn't save So Joon, this would never have happened. We both would have died miserably."

"We might not be as lucky as the two of you," Si-eun said.

"Luck... I don't think it is because of luck," So Joon disagreed. "We might feel lucky that something like this happened to us but... looking back at how we both had lived... I can only say that we deserved a miracle like this," he smiled tenderly at Ha Jin as he continued, "I endured a lot ever since I was young. I tried to be a better person every time. There might be things that you cannot have but there are also things that you deserve to have. If you relentlessly pray for it, the heavens will eventually hear you."

"Then... maybe it really is not for us," Si-eun sadly presumed.

"Isn't it too early for you to give up?" Ha Jin asked. "I thought my ex-boyfriend is the right one for me. That is the reason I held on to him so tightly and failed to see his true intentions. So Joon did not know that I will ever pay any attention to him, but it did not weaken his hope. He waited all those years for me to notice him. He is also like that to his real mother. We both had been disappointed, shattered, and nearly died because of the blind faith we have for our loved ones. We learned the hard way that those people are not for us... and that we should move on... and realize who it was that we really deserve. Si-eun, will you really leave the person you love just because you cannot give him a child? Do you think you don't deserve each other because of that?"

"But... what is a woman... if she cannot give his man a child?"

"You are my other half," Ha-neul said with tears in his eyes and it also made Si-eun tearful. "I told you many times already... my love for you will never change because of that. I already felt complete with you beside me. I wanted to marry you not because I want to have a child but because I want you to be the very first person I see when I wake up and the last person I will stare at before I sleep. Mom and Dad also had difficulty in having a child. They planned to have plenty of children, but they had been given only one. It came after a few years of trying. We can try all our life to have children, Si-eun. I will never get tired of trying," Ha-neul and Si-eun were both weeping as they held each other's hand. "I hate it whenever you push me away. I don't want you to do that ever again. If we cannot have a child... we can always adopt one. It really doesn't matter if the child came from us. I didn't come from Mom and Dad, but I am still their son. We can always be a parent to those children in need. We are already saving lives there in the hospital. We can still do more outside of it. When Han-na and I lost our family, we badly needed someone to take care of us. We were grateful to have been adopted by Mom and Dad. I wanted to do what they did for us. If we cannot have the miracle we wanted... then let's be a miracle to other children."

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