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Ji Yeon flung her cellphone hard on the floor of her office. After twenty-five years, she had finally seized the company of the man he hated the most. Her husband had been appointed as its new president and she was the Chief Operating Officer. The company was flourishing more than before. They were being praised by the board of directors, shareholders, and even their competitors.

Min Joo had lost his only inheritance from his parents. He had lost a great company. He had no source of income. He no longer had anything to brag to his family. He should be grieving over his loss. He should be worrying. He should be getting desperate to take back the company where he had invested most of his life. He should fear losing his family because of it. He should be feeling miserable. He should not be enjoying with his family. Her children should be running to her, begging her to give the company back to Min Joo.

They should be doing something to get the company back and not enjoy on an amusement park. How can they enjoy on that place and take plenty of pictures with wide smile on their face? They should not be smiling like that. It was frustrating.

She slammed a hand on her desk and muttered, "This should not be happening. Should I take more from Min Joo and Hee Jin? What more should I do to make my children come back to me? What?!"


"Do you want to be a photographer?" Eun Ji asked while they were having dinner at their house.

"I'm enjoying taking pictures lately. Maybe you're right, Eun Ji. I should consider photography as a career," Ji Soo said while taking pictures of their family having dinner.

"You only wanted something to post on your social media accounts," Joo Hyuk teased.

"Of course," Ji Soo said. "I want everyone to see that G company is not what makes our family happy. I want them to see that our father is doing well. We are all doing well. There are still plenty to celebrate. I want all the people that want to hurt Dad see that no matter what they do, he will always have a reason to smile. We will give him plenty of reasons to smile."

"You really are giving me plenty of reasons to feel so joyful," Dad said with a grateful smile. "I remembered asking you repeatedly about your plans on getting married. How I longed to have grandchildren. Now Si-eun is already pregnant. She and Ha-neul are tying the knot after three months. Eun Ji and Hera are already engaged and were planning to get married only a month after Ha-neul's wedding. Watching you start building your own family fills my heart with happiness."

"Eun Ji, can you postpone your wedding for another month?" San Ji asked, a little hesitant.

"Don't tell us that you and Sun-mi are already planning to get married?" Eun Ji asked, looking conflicted.

"You still don't trust her?" San Ji asked, smiling at Eun Ji's concern.

"Don't you want to wait a year or more to make sure that she really loves you? What if she is planning to hurt you and Dad again?"

"Sun-mi loves San Ji," Joo Hyuk had said. "You have seen how she looks at our brother. That kind of expression cannot be faked."

"I agree with Joo Hyuk," So Joon said. "Sun-mi is being sincere with San Ji this time. I can see that she wants to make up for all the times she had hurt San Ji. Let's give her a chance."

"We are giving him a chance," Eun Ji said. "But marrying you after hurting you and Dad... doesn't feel right..."

"What doesn't feel right?" Ji Soo said. "I am a detective. I can tell that Sun-mi is not pretending this time. Just let them get married. If you don't want them to marry before you, they can get married after you."

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