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I groan as waves of pleasure attack my body, eyes closed, eyebrows furrowed.

I feel Anderson's eyes on me as I come down from my high, my eyes connect with his the second they flicker open.

He watches me, panting, drenched in blood, eyes black with desire as he watches my movements.

The beast was certainly out to play.

"Nick was pleased that he was finally killed," I announce breathlessly.

The beast blinks a few times, shaking away whatever dirty thoughts he was considering.

"Who is Nick?" He asks distractedly, kicking the puddle of blood around with his foot.

"Nick, God, Satan, the Big Bang," I say. "He is the creator. The filthy fucker who made the world, the planets, the galaxy, the whole thing."

"And he created you to get rid of anything bad?"

I hum, unwilling to tell him anything as I stand from the puddle of blood I'd been spread across.

"How don't you have blood on you?"

I ignore his question, feeling the answer was obvious and raise an eye brow.

"Clean yourself up," I say, holding my hands out so that new clothes appear in them.

I put them in a clean patch of the boat and turn to leave.

"What about him?" He asks quickly.

He eyes linger on the body, hand twitching, face suddenly pale now that the heat of the moment has gone.

He didn't want to touch it again.

"It's not a he anymore, just something for the earth to eat and the people to forget," I say, sharing some knowledge he needs to know if he's going to continue to work for me. "Leave it, it'll decompose within the hour in open air and we're dumping the boat anyway."

He nods, finally able to look away and look at me instead.

"You done good," I tell him, again knowing that he needed to hear it if he was to be of use to me.

He straightened, more sure in himself when he nodded again.

I walk away, hearing the splash of him jumping into the water.

In the control centre I watch him as he undressed and cleans himself up, red filth lingering in the water around him.

I kept a close eye on the shadows circling him, ready to intervene in any surprise attack.

I admire his physique from afar, noticing that he wasn't anything but slightly above average looking for someone of his power and past.

Regret makes you ugly. But somehow it hasn't completely consumed his looks yet.

He doesn't take long, soon joining me in a fresh set of clothes; a white t-shirt, dark grey hoodie, dark straight leg jeans and heavy timberland style black boots.

Nick has somewhat decent taste it seems.

"How long until we reach land?" I ask to interrupt his troubled silence.

"Around two hours."

"Make it less, I want to be there with plenty of time to steal a decent car. And I hear Africa has a great number of hybrids, I want time to kill a few of them."


"A wizards creation. A human with whatever supernatural power the wizard wants. Commonly known as witches among humans as wizards prefer females to play with," I explain.

"Oh," he says, hesitating before he goes to say anything else. "What was that earlier, after I killed him?"

I look over.

He fidgets away from me slightly, avoiding my gaze.


Scared of punishment.

I smirk.


"You... feel it?"

"Yes, I feel each and every person on this planet die, more so for those who are stronger or in pain caused by me. Occasionally Nick will reward me if I kill someone he did not like, as he just did," I say, unsure of why I was telling him anything. "Now get this boat moving before I become impatient."

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