Entry 3032

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Death is sleeping.

Do you know how rarely that happens?

I'd worn Death out. The supernatural women that doesn't need nor care to sleep. The woman was comatose.

This needs to be fucking documented.

I must admit, the sex really was explosive. She'd killed a good chunk of the earth while I was away apparently.

But anyway, as of now we're in some posh twat facility. A bunch of rich humans built some sort of sanctuary with gadgets and guards to eliminate all threats.

We haven't killed anyone yet, we went straight to one of the bedrooms to fuck each other unconscious. Only I succeeded. Ha. She'll never live this down.

Or maybe she will, Death can get scary if you push her too far.

The room we're in is the epitome of luxury. Epitome? Is that the word? What does epitome mean? I've heard it somewhere. But yeah, it's fancy and expensive.

Black and gold themed, with red here and there. Nice balcony too. Not bad.

The bed is huge. Bigger than any bed needs to be. Black cover and fluffy red comforters with my gorgeous Viper cuddled against my side.

Her makeup is smudged but whatever she uses to stain her lips red has stayed well in tact considering our previous activities.

It's like an invitation. A challenge. I should wake her up and fuck her again until that bloody lipstick stuff comes off.

Even now, as I look over her sleeping form, so many thoughts, feelings I've never had rush me.

Hell, I'd not even felt like this about my own mate. I know she says that Nick is only using us. He's created some sort of illusion but you could say the exact same about mates and love. All of that's still an illusion created by Nick. Ours was just picked a bit late.

I'll find out from the big guy real soon. Considering the very few things left to kill and the last of mankind in this very building it won't be long before we all die.

She'll kill me, I have no doubt. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. Well, it definitely isn't ecstatic, I know that.

I don't want to die. Not when I have my nasty little Viper by my side now.

But I don't have a choice.

We'll kill the rest of mankind tomorrow and it won't take too long to take out the rest.

I don't know. I don't know how to feel or what to do.

My best bet is to ignore it and love and support Death the way that a husband should.

Oh yeah, I convinced her to get married. Quite the wedding. We killed the dude in the fancy robe and fucked on the stage thing. It was cool.

She was beautiful. Still is.

I'm a lucky wolf. A very lucky wolf.

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