Little Mix - Our World by hey_itz_abbs
Little Mix - Our Worldby hey_itz_abbs
For all the people out there that don't have this amazing book, or for the people who have heard of little mix and want to get to know them, or for people who just want...
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Lỗi - Error 404 (English Translation) by loque-siento
Lỗi - Error 404 (English Mari
Lỗi - Error 404 by Plaaastic • translated by @Janet, @Hanae, and @akarifukusushi from PULL • all rights go to GG (Plaaastic)
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•○•○Random by LenaBombShell
•○•○Randomby 💋Mc Goddess💋
☆i'm a weird person☆
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Nothing To Lose by ElkanLim
Nothing To Loseby Elkan Lim
If we realise that we came to this world with nothing, then perhaps every gain would be sweet and every loss would not be so painful.perhaps that's the secret to happine...
  • god
  • gratitude
  • perseverance
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and so she began to rot. by erotic_orchard
and so she began to natalie
just a bunch of random writings, ideas, rants, and whatever else I can think of.
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My Bio 《2》 by BlueAnness
My Bio 《2》by Logan Elizabeth
Weird stuff about me. Probably some mature content. Who knows?
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Oli's journal by chaiteaveroli
Oli's journalby chaiteaveroli
I like talking about my day but I don't like bothering people so I'll do it here and hope somebody reads it
  • personal
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me unfiltered// the author  by colbyscorolla
me unfiltered// the author by pussy
maybe youll laugh maybe youll get scared and block me who knows
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screaming: an autobiography by hosaki
screaming: an autobiographyby もち
a book for the perpetual screams of a fangirl; lets be friends lol pls scream w/ me ( ᐛ )و
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He Licked His Lips by hall00ween
He Licked His Lipsby Halloween
This is just a kind of auto-biography thing, I'm trying to work through a lot of trauma from the past few years so I've decided to write about it and put it in a public...
  • violence
  • drugs
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Reduction by SachaRaconte
Reductionby SachaRaconte
journal intime d'une personne touchée par l'anorexie
  • anorexie
  • hopital
  • autobiography
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My Self-Harm Story *Editing* by HarryEStyIes_
My Self-Harm Story *Editing*by Self Harm Fighter
Everything I wrote is true, please don't send me hate because im just trying to get this story out and let people know. thanks for all the support xx. p.s these few chap...
  • helping
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  • self-harm
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My Bio by BlueAnness
My Bioby Logan Elizabeth
This book is pretty much just me complaining. Read it, if you'd like. It's pretty fucking gay. Lol. Like me.
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all aboard the bandwagon (take 2) by darxkrai
all aboard the bandwagon (take 2)by darxkrai
second lame internet diary because im hella freaked and decided to delete my first one aye
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The Loves Devotion by EpicGayPerson
The Loves Devotionby Michael Anderson
So guess what. I'm writing an autobiography. I have many and plenty stories to tell. My life has been a complete hassle. Some people think I made it up and such but tru...
  • teens
  • abuse
  • fosterfamily
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No One Knows About The Sumatran Bigfoot in My Closet by abykusdinar
No One Knows About The Sumatran Aby Kusdinar
INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY: "Kakakku bilang, ada sebuah tempat di bagian timur Indonesia, sebuah tempat dimana langit bisa menenggelamkan kita." Pada penghujung...
  • drama
  • comingofage
  • dramakeluarga
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Flying Higher: Green Light - Volume VII by Kazhmyr
Flying Higher: Green Light - Palomino
Sólo recurro a ti cuando necesito ayuda. Está mal... y vuelvo por séptima vez. Cada volumen me recuerda que esta vida no termina; aún estamos en este camino. ¿Qué sería...
  • blog
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Fragments by tsbaig
Fragmentsby tsbaig
Flash fiction about events in my life. From quiet moments while on holiday to loud and messy burglaries.
  • autobiography
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  • shortstory
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Love Or Money  by AyooTanzyy
Love Or Money by AyooTanzyy
  • fiction
  • mobster
  • autobiography
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