Little Mix - Our World by hey_itz_abbs
Little Mix - Our Worldby hey_itz_abbs
For all the people out there that don't have this amazing book, or for the people who have heard of little mix and want to get to know them, or for people who just want...
  • ourworld
  • mixers
  • autobiography
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The Unauthorized Autobiography of Nightwraith17 by nightwraith17
The Unauthorized Autobiography nightwraith17
Welcome to my life. It goes from crazy to stable and back again. Let us venture to the hot summer day and the rotten apple tree, to the day a Nightwraith was born... Gua...
  • crazy
  • family
  • autobiography
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Random~ by CamillasQueenn
Random~by ɐssᴉɹɐƆ
You never know what you're gonna get in here~
  • biography
  • bio
  • 2020
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J.N'S The Cell by NachojakeYT
J.N'S The Cellby NachojakeYT
a Semi-Autobiographical tale About A Boy Named Jake Whom Builds A Figurative Complex Around Himself, To Protect Himself from the world, and all his trauma, Developing A...
  • teenfiction
  • yaboinacho
  • poetry
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Lỗi - Error 404 (English Translation) by loque-siento
Lỗi - Error 404 (English Mari
Lỗi - Error 404 by Plaaastic • translated by @Janet, @Hanae, and @akarifukusushi from PULL • all rights go to GG (Plaaastic)
  • 404
  • depression
  • error
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My Self-Harm Story *Editing* by HarryEStyIes_
My Self-Harm Story *Editing*by Self Harm Fighter
Everything I wrote is true, please don't send me hate because im just trying to get this story out and let people know. thanks for all the support xx. p.s these few chap...
  • advice
  • autobiography
  • selfharmhelp
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WINGS OF FIRE by raphiaetarart
WINGS OF FIREby raphiae
An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari All credit goes to respected author.... If there is any typing mistake........please let me know
  • indian
  • tribute
  • apj
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Introducing Me (Left) by Justakid444
Introducing Me (Left)by Justme444
I have friends and family that I know care about me but I don't feel as if I can talk to them. One of my friends did this and I thought it was a great idea so here I am...
  • biobook
  • biography
  • bio
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my life by christanvanni21
my lifeby christanvanni21
The Story of My Life
  • group
  • venting
  • mylife
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Mah Lyfe by ohdaddyintensifies
Mah Lyfeby ๓A㉫
This is nothing special. Just me talking about stuff and some random facts about me. ???
  • life
  • bored
  • idkanymore
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You Can't Break Her  by TSTurcotte
You Can't Break Her by T. S. Turcotte
Nonfiction spotlight for August 2018 #1 in Autobiography, my-life, true-story and Memoir / First place in the Chaos Awards/ Second place in the Golden awards 2k18/ Secon...
  • nonfiction
  • life
  • autobiography
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The Desolated Euphoria  by DaltonLong
The Desolated Euphoria by Dalton Long
This is the autobiography of Dalton Edward Long, a 20 year old male who suffered a Spinal Cord Injury Just a month after turning 17 due to falling off off a rooftop and...
  • paralyzed
  • dysphoria
  • spinalcordinjury
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me, essentially by spaceprince-
me, essentiallyby Ryro
I was kinda high on the paint fumes and couldn't get to sleep last night so I wrote this to vent and now i'm publishing it enjoy
  • autobiography
  • iwannadie
Geekageddon: Braeden's Story by TheStormBolt
Geekageddon: Braeden's Storyby Braeden Robinson
This is my story of my time at Pimlico, from the first day until the very last day. It is a collection of all my adventures during high school. Stay tuned as this book w...
  • happiness
  • feud
  • school
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If The Legend Lived On Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Freddie Mercury by RosannaWc
If The Legend Lived On Crazy Rosanna
Freddie Mercury one of the worlds largest known rock gods right? Well everything took a darker turn in 1991 while slipping in and out of a coma, triggered by AIDS/HIV...
  • autobiography
  • 80s
  • 70s
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Me 2.0 by -Castiel_Novak-
Me 2.0by Cas
Admin boooook 2.0
  • trash
  • autobiography
  • randomthoughts
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Annabelle's Autobiography  ✔  by dolltina34
Annabelle's Autobiography ✔ by Tina Wairish
Hiya! Am Annabelle. But you can call me Anna. Just a little something I wrote about myself. Reason: It's a requirement from a certain school. (Can be read as a stand...
  • parents
  • highschool
  • dislikes
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Vermillion by VioletEden
Vermillionby VioletEden
I have been surviving the past few years, counting on my hands, the days taking me, to the impending end. I will not. I will not sacrifice my hands anymore for somethin...
  • amalia
  • father
  • familylove
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ask Mii Maria The Zodiac Heroine/ Princess by maria37321
ask Mii Maria The Zodiac Mii Maria
hi guys! you can ask me anything you like to talk about!
  • answers
  • autobiography
  • questions
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