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Sitting with my arms folded on the rails and my legs underneath dangling over the edge of the boat I take a moment to observe the horizon.

I never have fell for Nicks little tricks such as beauty. You see, sometimes if he sees something wrong, he fixes it by making it look pretty.

The sun, for example, is burning hot and he disguises it with an otherworldly glow. The forest, dangerous to anyone who enters is ethereal and enchanted. The water, a beautiful, rippling mass of endless blue, highlighted by the glow of the sun.


I am beauty.

Beauty hides danger, it hides evil.

He likes to describe me as a snake, a poisonous one, beautiful until it strikes.

Fade ducks and dives through to water, flying more than he is swimming.

He thought that he had fooled me with his quick wit and delicate beauty. He is the picture of innocence and that is why he is never to be trusted.

I could feel his darkness anyway, I could feel everyone's. The mermaids lack of power is made up through his deceiving facade and sick fantasies.

Oh how he underestimated me.

I glance sideways, Anderson sitting on the other end of the boat, admiring the beauty of a rising sun.

I watch until he feels my gaze on him. His heads jerks in my direction, his eyes instantly catching mine challengingly as if I would look away. I don't.

I convey a message through my eyes, he notices the drastic change from my usual disinterested glare and catches on the instant I flick my gaze towards the skidding fish alongside our boat.

It's time.

With one last glance at the horizon, he stands and walks to the control station, expertly slowing the boat.

I also look at the horizon, vaguely wondering what it would be like the see the beauty without the meaning.

If so, maybe I'd want to live as much as Anderson does.

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