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2 years later

I frown at Anderson's bloody grin when he shows off his most recent prize. Another siren.

Those were his favourites now, said he only had eyes for me so their attempts just made him laugh. He wasn't lying, he doesn't know I was watching him from the mansions balcony.

It was hot.

I believe that's a term often used here on earth.

"Go clean yourself up, you dirty fucker."

"Aww are you jealous Death?" Anderson taunts with his taunting smirk.

"Yeah, kill anymore of the powerful ones and I may just have to see how much pleasure killing you would give me."

That damn smirk.

I swear Nick, you better wipe it off his face.

I roll my eyes at him because I know exactly the direction his thoughts have gone.

"You can't kill me cause I'm the only one that can get you off."

Smug bastard.

Absolute dickhead.

I give him a firm shove as I head my way back into the mansion. Unfortunately, I forget occasionally how much bloody balls Swift Anderson has when he's in one of these moods.

When I shove him his feet teeter on the edge of the red tinted swimming pool, his arm flails out at the very last second to grab my coat and drag me in after.

Attempting to gasp in some air to help me float I'm instead attacked by frigid and sour water. It fills my lungs, cold sleeping throughout my body from the inside.

Glaring, I sink down to the floor of the deep end of the pool, my fingertips only just able to reach up and clasp Anderson's bare ankle.

I yank him down to my level, wrapping myself around his waist as we begin slowly drifting back to the surface.

Through my drenched clothes I feel every dip and every fissure of his defined body, considering he's naked and all.

He might like to overpower his prey as a human but he likes to finish them off in his more comfortable form, meaning he's often strolling around naked by my side.

When we finally break the surface Anderson gasps for more breaths while I push the water from my lungs like I would air.

I spit it like a fountain right into Anderson's face.

With him being in his particularly chipper mood, he just laughs and shoves me away playfully as he splashes some water at me in retaliation.

Much to my dismay he quickly pulls me back towards him, unclothing me under the water clumsily.

I hadn't killed anyone and while our little escapades were somewhat pleasurable I wouldn't go seeking sex right now.

However I find myself running my hands down his chiselled abs.

He seemed happy.

That made him very agreeable.

And if happy is what made him agreeable then so be it.

Look at me, being good.

Death could be kind.

Even the thought that death could be kind was quite sickening but I'm sure Anderson will fuck some sense into me.

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