Entry 5

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Hey it's me Teddy.

Just wanted a reason to read through this. There really isn't much here yet but it's still sort of creepy. Thank god this girl doesn't know how to read or I'd be dead.

She's strangely good with my children though. I expected some sort of annoyance but she's oddly impassive. Very good at calming them down.

With how old she is, she could probably read the thoughts from their faces before they're even thought.

Nicholas created something dangerous here.

She's talking about how she just killed all the fairies (now they're extinct apparently) and she spent the last 3 months swimming in lava. That's the gist.

She's getting shit from my kids though for killing all the fairies.

Death is making them sound awful though. If she's being truthful then good riddance.

One less way to die in my eyes.

~Teddy Bear

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