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(Edited 6/2/19)

I stroll through yet another forest, the sticky substance drying on my hands.

What can I say? Death is dirty. Death is pretty too. A toxic mix.

But. Alas. None of my suitors have ever complained.

Obnoxious laughter catches my attention. It was quite obviously male. Judging by the voice crack I'd say in his teens.

I fucking hate teens. One of Nicks most awful creatures.

I'm silent as I approach the natural clearing they're in.

Strangely, I find something I didn't quite expect.

Two young men were prodding a wolf with a stick.

At first glance the wolf seemed dead but I felt the power emanating from him. I could also sense the old presence of wizardry.

Obviously the wolf wasn't ordinary. Not in this life. Helps my plan out a great deal though. That was much easier than expected.

This werewolf was particularly tainted by evil, a strong but corrupt alpha. It wasn't hard to tell that he would be very useful to me.

The beast growls at the boys as one prods a stick into one of his more gruesome looking wounds.

"Boys, it isn't wise to poke a beast."

Their heads snap in unison over to my deceivingly small frame. I wouldn't be surprised if the horny bastards were already hard by the heated gazes that hadn't once looked at my face yet.

"Whas a sweet girl like you doin alone in a forest?" The prodder asked. If you got past the pimples he wasn't ugly. Better than his pizza-faced friend but still not very entertaining.

My full pink lips twitch into a small smile, my innocent wide eyes crinkling at the corners.

"No one has ever called me sweet before..."

I play along. In my defence I'm incredibly bored and this is going to be too quick of a kill without the added foreplay.

"But you really shouldn't play with injured animals."

"And why is that sweetie?"

"Because I told you not to and everyone does as I say."

He laughs and his friend awkwardly laughs along with him.

"Is that right?" Deliberately he pokes the wolf with the stick again, managing to hold my eyes the entire time.

I immediately wipe the smile from my face and glare.

I fucking hate teens.

"Stupid humans, they never do listen do they Nick."

I had no response from fatty in the clouds but the two teens scrunched their noses at what humans like to label as insanity.

Not insanity, just Nicks experiments and improvements.

Better creations than these imbeciles.

So young and yet so much darkness within.

"Step away from the wolf boys, he's not the only one who bites."

The boy who seems to be the more dominant of the two walks my way, plastering a filthy grin on his red face.

I don't move. Don't flinch. Don't do anything but watch as he approaches me until he's directly in front of me.

I'm used to my small size, so small that I have to tilt my head to glare into his eyes.

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