Entry 11

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Who knew mermaids could write?

This guys pretty handsome actually but mermaids don't have dicks so absolutely no use to me.

I like the guys wit and he knows his place.

A lot better than Anderson who I'm currently dealing with thats for sure.

Yes, you heard me.

This is only the 17th mermaid I've found but we still have a long boat ride ahead. No sirens yet.

Actually how would you like to help me? I see a little evil in you. (What do you mean?)

How would you feel about killing a few of your fellow mermaids? (I'd kill to have less of them shitting in my sea.)

You can swim alongside the boat then. That works just fine for me.

Anyway, back on track. If Anderson's doing his job right then we should be in Africa soon enough, I'll kill you if I find out we're headed the wrong direction.

The plan from there is to get a car and drive most of the way to Chad.

We'll kill the wizards that Nick keeps bitching about and focus on a few of the powerful minorities as we head to Korea. I hear they have some bombs, may as well set the humans against themselves to get rid of them quicker.

That's it at the moment.

What's your name? (Fade)

That's a stupid name.

Make sure you write it down and put your fingerprint beside it.

(Where's the red ink)

With your blood, I thought that was obvious.


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